Ron Paul: the Most Electable Candidate

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by Jason Hommel, November 9, 2007

Many people have told me that they like Ron Paul's views on freedom, and that they would support Ron Paul, except that they think he is not electable, because his ideas on freedom are not mainstream enough.  But freedom is popular, and Ron Paul's positions are the popular ones today, because there is a greater understanding and longing for freedom today than ever before, perhaps because the internet is facilitating that kind of freedom.

Perhaps the establishment fears the power of the internet, and does not want Ron Paul to win.  But does that mean he's not electable?

Elections are still a vote of the people.

Ron Paul is the only candidate with the tremendous grass root support of the people.

Three weeks ago, CNBC reported getting "thousands and thousands and thousands" of emails from "fervent" Ron Paul supporters, unlike from any other candidate.

Yesterday, Wall Street traders cheered Ron Paul's attack on Ben Bernanke's inflationary policies.  And Wall Street traders know best on how to take full advantage of inflation, as I do!

The Wall Street traders were cheering Ron Paul's grilling of Ben Bernanke, yesterday, here:

On 11/5/07, Ron Paul raised $4.2 million in one day on the internet, more money raised in one day than any other candidate.

Ron Paul has the support of traders, money, and the people.

Seventy percent of the American people oppose the Iraq War. 

Ron Paul is the only Republican presidential candidate opposed to the Iraq war, unless Congress actually declares war, like they are supposed to, under the Constitution. 

Therefore, Ron Paul is the ONLY electable Republican presidential candidate; merely because of his stance on the war.

Ron Paul has served in Congress since the late 1970's.  He is so popular, that one time he ran unopposed.  Other times, Ron Paul won decisive victories of 70% of the vote or or higher.

I think Ron Paul always spent less than his opponents, while winning.  And Ron Paul did it without the support of the National Republican Party, or any special interest groups.  Special interests never donate to Ron Paul, because they know his votes on legislation cannot be influenced by money. 

One time while running for Congress, they gerrymandered Ron Paul's district, to re-arrange the boundaries of his district so that he would lose.  The new district meant that he would represent farmers.  Ron Paul ran on a platform of freedom, including "no farm subsidies".  Ron Paul won!  That's electable!

Terbo Ted, at who is running for congress in the 4th Congressional district, writes and blogs about Ron Paul's incredible popularity:

Ted writes that a very busy bar in San Francisco recently hosted a "friends of Hilary Clinton" get together, which was nearly deserted.  Sad for Hilary, given San Francisco is such a liberal city.

Ted also gives a video report on a very popular Ron Paul rally in San Francisco.

Freedom is Popular, and the history of mankind is the history of Freedom winning!

With God on his side, Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, to freedom.
With God on his side, Gideon led 300 men, with no weapons, to destroy an army in confusion.
With God on his side, David slew Goliath, and freed the Israelites from Philistine oppression.
With God on his side, George Washington fought the British, and rejected becoming an emperor of a new nation.
With God on his side, Andrew Jackson rejected the national charter of the Bank of the United states, and re-secured the blessings of silver and gold coinage that lasted over 100 years.

If God is willing, Ron Paul will become our next President, and once again, restore the use of silver and gold as money, and bless the U.S. and the world.

Ron Paul is the most successful deliverer of the message of freedom on the face of the earth.

If Ron Paul continues to spread his message of the power of freedom and of silver and gold, the precious metal prices will go up, a lot.  Why?

Because long before 1% of the money in the US is spent on gold and silver, the prices will be far higher than they are today.

1% of M3 is $126 billion.  At $850/oz., that money could buy 148 million ounces.  That's 4610 metric tonnes of new US demand in a market that worldwide is already buying 4000 tonnes per year, and about 1/4 of that is India alone.

In other words, if Ron Paul gets the message out, and moves 1% of the liquid wealth of the nation to buy gold, then gold demand could double, and gold prices could more than double, even if Ron Paul is not elected president!

Some have suggested that if I think Ron Paul is such a good bet, that I should go to Vegas, and place my bet.  But I don't gamble.  Besides, if I did bet 13 cents to get a dollar that Ron Paul would become president, all that would do is give another person a financial incentive to make sure that Ron Paul is not elected president, and that's counterproductive.  

Why else is Ron Paul so important? 

The Constitution was suspended by Abraham Lincoln who declared a state of Emergency, and started issuing executive orders, and who replaced the courts of the United States with "temporary Emergency Courts".  Anyone who has ever made an appeal to the Federal Appellate courts knows this to be true.  In my own legal battle, I had to look up the instructions on how to make an appeal.  It's quite easy, it's a one page document; you mainly have to get the title of the "temporary Emergency Courts" right.  See here:

So, since Lincoln, our presidents have been issuing Executive Orders ever since.  Recent executive orders include the directives and provisions to confiscate any and every piece of property, house, and real estate in America, including every vehicle, and include provisions to arrest any and all people to send them into work camps.

The best way to prevent tyranny in its tracks is to fight it peacefully, with God on our side.

The most effective way to fight government tyranny is to sell paper bonds and paper money for silver and gold, because that strips the government of its biggest power; the power to hire and pay the mercenary armies that would be needed to literally enslave America.

The second strongest way to fight government tyranny is to own a gun, and join America's 80 million gun owners, because gun owners can protect themselves, and their silver and gold.

The third strongest way to fight tyranny is to donate to Ron Paul's presidential Campaign, because he can do more to promote silver and gold than any other person on the face of the earth.

Donate to Ron Paul here:


Jason Hommel