Auction Notice!: 125 Engelhard 100 oz. Silver Bars


Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, October 13th, 2008

The auction for silver is running, live, at:

Auction ends on Wednesday, Noon, Pacific time, October 15th. That's the middle of the day of the middle of the week.

Actually, a series of auctions is scheduled, running over the course of 26 minutes, ending Noon on Wednesday, because there are 26 separate auctions.

The lowest current bid is $11.55/oz., or $1155 per 100 oz. silver bar, for a single lot of 10, full lot only, for a total of $11502.

These are my bars, I'm auctioning them off.

Here's a picture of the bars for this auction:

Since I have the bars, I can ship them immediately upon receiving the wire transfers from the customers. 

After the auction, I plan to use the proceeds to buy more silver, such as 1000 oz. COMEX bars, to make a profit.

I own over 200,000 oz. of silver.  I'm not selling out.  I'm only selling 12,500 ounces, and I plan to buy more silver, cheaper, but in a different form, such as 1000 oz. bars.

Engelhard stopped making these bars over 10 years ago.  Perhaps these are now classics.  No other major dealer in the industry has these bars to sell, mostly because the public stopped selling them back to the dealers, around the beginning of 2008. 

Engelhard bars are premium bars, along with JM, Johnson Matthey bars.

One of my favorite Bible verses is Proverbs 1:20-23.  It basically says that wisdom cries aloud in the streets, in the market.  In other words, wisdom is found in free market principles.

Most silver today is not sold according to free market principles. 

Except for, this auction is a new way to trade silver.

The price manipulation at the COMEX is so severe, that it has now created the profit incentive to create a free market in silver, through this auction, in order to arbitrage between the two markets, by buying in one, and selling to the other.

It is impossible for me to "price gouge", because I'm not setting the price.  The free market is setting the price.

In fact, for every bar sold, there must be at least two bids to validate the price!

How to bid:

First, register at!

Bidding works similar to, however, the "bid increments" are much smaller. 

The high bid is never what is paid.  The second highest bid determines the price!

Two people must place a bid to create the final bid price, plus the very small bid increment.

In rare cases, two people can bid the same price.  In that case, the tie goes to the person who bid first, and their bid will show up "second" in the list of bids, or at the top, and it will show up at the same time that the second person bids.

If you want a free market in silver, then please tell people about my auction at:

If you want government solutions instead, please read here:


    Jason Hommel

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