Auction Final Notice: 200 Engelhard bars


Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, October 22th, 2008

My biggest auction ever is closes in 4 hours, and is live at   

My 200 Engelhard 100 oz. bar auctions end Wednesday, October 22nd, 3PM Eastern time, or Noon Pacific.  It's a series of 30 auctions that close a minute after each other, over 30 minutes.  The last of the series of auction is for 50 bars. 

But the lowest average bid price is for the 10 bar auctions!  At $11001 for the lot of 10.

Bidders seem to be wising up, and being more professional about how they place their bids, as they spread their bids out more evenly over all the auctions.  So, if you lose one auction, or get outbid, try looking for another similar bar at the auction, rather than simply placing another higher bid for the same bar.

Sean Brodrick of Weiss Research has now recognized the silver shortage in an article today:

Yes, We Have No Silver by Sean Brodrick   10-22-08

Unfortunately, he does not publish any personal contact details, so I can't let him know about the auction.  Maybe next week, Sean.


    Jason Hommel

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