Theodore Terbolizard--A Ron Paul Republican

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by Jason Hommel, January 12, 2008

This month, silver historian and rabble-rouser Charles Savoie once again makes a case for taking political action to defend ourselves against those who have manipulated silver prices lower for over 60 years, and perhaps a century.  See and click on his excellent essay titled, "Red Lights Flashing for Silver Users".

Today is the birthday of John Hancock, the first person who signed the Declaration of Independence.

In that Spirit of freedom, I thought I should introduce to you my brother, Ted.

Terbo Ted is running for the nomination of the Republican party to be the representative in Washington D.C. of the 4th Congressional district in California.   He's running to be a "Ron Paul" Republican Congressman of the United States. 

Terbolizard stands for freedom!  Ted's website proclaims:

Personal Freedom
Government Restraint
Greater Understanding

In late November, Ted was interviewed by Al Korelin; a 7 min interview, where Ted laments the continuing loss of freedoms in America, including how it is more difficult to change one's name, and more difficult for non U.S citizens to donate to politicians!

On Nov. 20th, Terbo Ted asked Ron Paul for his position on the raid on the Liberty dollar.  Ted's 2 minute video got 17,000 views.  Ron Paul voices his support for the use of silver in gold as money.

On Dec. 14th, Red County Placer interviews Ted, and writes, "Ted is a true civil libertarian who talked about gun ownership rights as well as the attacks on civil liberties done after 9/11. He was able to communicate about a broad range of issues with clear opinions on all of them - out of all the primary challengers to Doolittle, he seems to have the best grasp on the issues."

On Dec. 18th, at LibertyLover at BlogTalkRadio, at 29:45 into the show, Ted is interviewed after Carla Howell, for about 25 minutes.

When asked about liberals who are "pro pot", but "anti-gun", Ted says both issues are a "property issue", and the Federal government, Constitutionally speaking, has no ability to take your property, whether drugs or guns or anything.

On January 10th, The current Republican representative of the 4th district of California, John Dolittle, who has been plagued by scandals, announced that he would not run for Congress for another term.  As a consequence, as one already in the race, Ted was invited to LA to be on a cable TV show, and Ted will be featured in Grass Valley's local newspaper,

Theodore Terbolizard is one of a handful of Republicans who are against the War in Iraq, and running for the House of Representatives who are trying to get elected to support Ron Paul.  See

Today while driving to LA, Ted tells me via cell phone that his job in Congress would be rather easy.  To fill the shoes of Ron Paul, he could simply vote "no" on  every piece of un-Constitutional legislation that is proposed.  Just like "Dr. No" Ron Paul.

One of Ted's concerns is the risk of personal reprisals against him by those who are in power.  To be able to protect his own freedom and individuality while in Congress, Ted said that he would never accept any security clearance nor agree to keep anything a secret.  After all, that seems to be one of the ways that they end up corrupting the legislators who are now in office, by getting them to agree in advance to not talk about certain "classified" topics, which prevents them from speaking out on key issues.

I thought that was very thoughtful, as James says in the Bible tells us what one of the most important issues is, in James Chapter 5, verse 12, "Above all, my brothers, do not swear—not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. Let your "Yes" be yes, and your "No," no, or you will be condemned."

Ted has a very comprehensive website, filled with policy positions on various topics supporting personal freedom:

If you are on myspace, Ted has a myspace page, too.

Terbo Ted needs donations, and he has raised $1000 for his campaign so far.  Using his own skills, he's created his website, and several other sites such as his page, and he has produced his own youtube videos.  Imagine what he could do with just a little money.  Please donate today at


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