100 oz. bar auctions: 5000 oz.

(New Bars)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, January 15, 2009

Auctions NOW at www.seekbullion.com

100 Troy Ounce NEW Academy Stackable Bar .999 Silver

These new bars are beautiful; super shiny, no dings nor scratches nor fingerprints. It took us 8 weeks to get these bars minted for you, but we will ship IMMEDIATELY to you! It took so long, we were beginning to wonder if we would ever get our silver, but the Academy Mint is highly reputable.

We have a few pictures of a few of the bars to show how they stack and look. But since the bars all all so similar, these are not the 'exact' bars you will receive, the serial number will vary.

Each bar is stamped at the bottom with the words, "IN GOD WE TRUST".

** The auction will start with a reserve bid at the spot price. But by around an hour before the auction closes, I will place a new bid at the "ask" spot price plus $1.50/oz. By delaying the placement of the final reserve price, through a bid in my own name, will enable a more accurate final reserve price, because the cost to replace the silver changes constantly. For an explanation, see, "Am I Shill Bidding? No!"

This auction is being offered by Jason Hommel, SilverStockReport.com

Wires must be received within 24 hours of close of auction, otherwise bid orders will be forfeited.

Free Shipping and Handling, Insurance Included

Terms: All Sales Are Final

Shipping to U.S. Addresses Only!

Auctions NOW at www.seekbullion.com

Reserve bids at "spot plus $1.50/oz.", now placed at $12.14/oz.

Fact:  Yesterday, we sold only 1/2 of the 5000 oz. on offer.  The rest of the bids did not meet our reserve minimum. 

Commentary:  Is this a top, due to lack of interest, or is this lack of interest a reason why the silver market has bottomed out?  You decide.

Commentary:  There is a movement to bring back Honest Money to the State of Indiana.



    Jason Hommel