Feedback on "Don't Force"

(Readers Respond with Overwhelming Support!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, August 10th, 2009

I received about 300 letters in response to my last email, which is about 5 times as many as average.  I could only respond to a few.  Here are some of the more articulate letters, just a few, including the most thought-provoking, the good, the bad, and the flatteringly obsequious.  Why am I sharing these?  The internet is a unique communications medium, and so is my service.  The emails I receive are even moreso, and it seems that people really enjoy the sense of "community" that sharing these helps to create.  It's nice to know that we who believe the same way are not alone. 

From all the feedback, I get the reaffirming sense that we Christians really do hold back and restrain much evil in the world, as is indicated by 2 Thessalonians 2.

6And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time. 7For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. 8And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

I also share these letters so that you all understand that I was not rebuking the nay-sayers because "I'm emotionally down, or depressed" by what they say.  No, these letters show that I recieve at least 5-10 letters in support for all those who get angry.  Although the encouragement from others certainly helps me, and I find it most stimulating, it's God's truth that that really drives me, and I really enjoy the discussions.

As for restraining evil, it seems we may have serious work to do.

For ten years, I've been reading of the concentration camps being built across the nation.  I was never really brave enough to mention it, or I thought it was not important, not on topic for my newsletter, or perhaps overblown.  This week, the Army began advertising to hire Concentration Camp Guards, or "Internment / Resettlement Specialist", which I heard from several sources.  Here's one.

So, be on the alert, or take some actions to expose these evil men in power today.  With that, here are a few letters.


Jason--if you want to "dish it out" you have to be man enough to "take it" when people who don't agree  with your religious priorities "get your goat"   I am sort of a loyal reader--even have considered spending $$  for a thousand rounds or two.  You have to grow up and stop taking MY TIME in your "war of words"  with people who suck you into their "vortex"---and drag you down the drain.
Next time--read  what you write after you decide to "tell them off-"----AND THEN ERASE IT .  None of us want to hear it--j c evans

Jason notes:  My letter was not about me "defending myself".  The attacks I have received, such as "don't force your religion on me" have provided an occasion for me to point out critical truths, that force does not work, and that I'm not practicing nor advocating any force. 

Furthermore, all silver investors who are buying silver, hoping to profit handsomely as we hope the world returns to the sanity of honest money of silver and gold, ought to know that you cannot have free and honest money without actual freedom, too.  And today, people actually need to be taught what freedom is, because it's only an ideal, no society has ever really had it, and thus, it's unfamiliar to all, and the definition of freedom is hotly debated even among the most dedicated philosophers and theologians.

The fact is that honest money will not support a totalitarian state, nor will it support a nanny state.  Gold and silver as money stand in the way of government confiscation of property -- Alan Greenspan said something similar. 

Silver, as money, can support a bad government through excessively high profits from seigniorage.  For example, one of the most totalitarian governments we've had in the USA was under FDR in the great depression, and at that time, there was a 400% profit margin on making government silver coins.  That was NOT honest money, in my opinion, even though it was silver.  No, it was price fixing, above market rates, not free market silver money.

I can paraphrase modern proverbs if you like:

"A government big enough to give you whatever you want, is big enough to take everything you have." 

And, "A people who choose security over freedom, deserve neither freedom nor security!"

If you don't understand that the issues of freedom are critical for investors in gold and silver to understand, then the fault might be mine, or any of the other advisors in the sector.

If you long for the day when you can see silver as money, please remember that the government will probably be radically different.  It will likely be a lot more free, and it will be hated by many.  The leech gets angry when cut off the host.


Sorry, but I get so angry over what our Government has done. Not only to us today, but for the next twenty five years to come. I want to share with you items you may not yet know, but soon will see. I am a mortgage banker, and lender. We are tracking the Alt-A markets in CA and throughout U.S. Alt -A means, Negative amortization loans, or simply weaker loan, that where placed into ARMS, with huge margins. 58% of the remaining loan that where originated late 2005 or early 2006 are about to mature.As we speak now, 82% of these loans where no documentation, or stated income, stated assets. Very weak loans. Along with their negative amortizations, the principal has exceeded the collateral and will explode. Now here is the real numbers. As of Friday, Aug 7th 2009 57% of the 82% where in default, and the Government knows it. Here is more fun facts for you. Colonial Bank was shut down Aug 3rd by HUD Federal Reserve. Seems Colonial Bank was trying to make a profit on their warehouse lines. Lets go further, Colonial Bank owns or services 20% of the remaining housing market that is in default. The crippling effect, Immediately, Taylor Bean & Whitaker ceased its business entirely. Citi Group is next up at bat, as their ready to take the next plunge, I expect within 60 days or less, as they have pull out of third party lenders selling loan to them, and no longer Ginnie Mae #1 pricing. When the market which we thought would be July 2010 explodes, as its doing now. Oct, Nov, Dec, 2008 will look like kids play. Jason this beast is coming, and it will surprise many Americans, and to be honest, their will be nothing more to do, than watch the gathering. Jason, I offer you fact, not fiction. DO some research on Colonial Bank or Taylor Bean Whitaker. Do some research on Ciit Mortgage. Their is another man such as yourself who tries to help consumers and general people. You can find him on youtube. His name is the mortgage man. My mentor, he is a former Wall Street guy who wanted no more. What do you think Silver will be worth next year? I say, 31,55 per ounce, based on my math. Gold will lose ground, as it will not be a kings ransom, only a workers hunger. I tell my wife everyday, imagine if you only knew the future? Well I do, and I don't like it.


Mr. Hommel,
I have been following your reports now for about a year and a half and cannot really recall anything that I disagreed with and definitely nothing that I would catagorize as offensive or objectionable.  It appears to me though that maybe you are starting to let your detractors get to you.  Pay them no attention sir as God knows what is in your heart.  I am 46 years old and have been battling cancer now for 10 long years.  Following an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant, it appears now that the cancer has won.  Although this has taken a heavy toll on me physically, my faith in Jesus Christ will never be shaken.  I can't wait for the unimaginable joys in Heaven, and the day that I get to bow down in the prescence of the great I AM.  Anyway I have taken your advice on silver investing to try and leave my wife financially secure after I'm called home.  I am just average middle class, but since putting my assets into metal I've more than doubled my net worth.  For that I thank you.  And you're right, no one want's to hear about silver despite the ease and accessability of information.  Anyway, I hope you continue the newsletter, I'll keep getting silver little by little, and we both know that this is satans domain for now so we're fighting an epic battle.  It's ok though, we both know how the story ends!
Your fellow believer in Christ,  Andy


Right on Jason -- totally agree.  One thing the [green] authoritarians don't acknowledge is that they are pushing their religion on others.  There is more religious fervor behind global warming and cap and trade, than supporting science.  The oldest religions [Paganism, Druid ism, etc] deify and personalize the earth and nature.  Al Gore's "our earth has a fever" is a clear articulation of pagan sentiment.  Additionally, they [greens] hate Christians because Christians believe the earth and its resources were given by God to man.  This infuriates them because they worship the sun, water, rain, seasons, harvest, mother earth, etc and despise those that do not adhere to the same religious tenets.
God Bless; keep up the great work.


Jason this was well written and I agree with most everything you said.  I'm not sure what you were referring to exactly
when you mentioned "Unfortunately, ignorant Christian zealots who pushed for prohibition in the 1920's, and who advocate the "drug war" today and laws against homosexuality, give God a bad name. God said to let those who do evil, to continue to do it."
Are you speaking as a Libertarian here?

As you know God is against homosexuality as a lifestyle. When the Jews and Christians lived under Roman
rule homosexuality was not just tolerated but condoned and practiced.  The Jews and Christians could never
according to their religions belief and practice put anybody to death as they could under the O.T. when they
lived as a free sovereign country.  The best they could do was excommunicate that person which was a
type of capital punishment.  Paul said such people were "worthy of death" so he recognized the legitimacy
of the death penalty for certain sins.
It is a sin and while some Christians would advocate a return for the death penalty for such behavior (they put it
in the same category as murder and adultery which also merited capital punishment) I am not sure that
is where our focus should be.  What goes on in secret in the bedroom I've been told should be allowed
to happen without punishment.  We say this about the sins of homosexuality and adultery perhaps but
we would never say that about murder.  Murder is always wrong isn't it?  IF so then isn't homosexual
behavior also always wrong? Likewise, adultery?
There always had to be two or more witnesses in cases of capital punishment.  I do believe that today
the death penalty serves as a deterrent (at least the murderer will never murder again if he or she is
executed) but there must be solid evidence and proof of guilt and I'm not speaking of circumstantial
   We do know from early American history that homosexual  behavior was
probably met with the death penalty because the Puritans were following Biblical law and were not trying
to be wiser than God but simply following the Bible and God's mind on the matter.
When men create laws that go beyond what the Bible permits and what God has sanctioned then I say
that is wrong because we are trying to be wiser than God.  However, if a state decides to enforce
the Ten Commandments and attaches the O.T. penalties for violationg them then we are on shaky
ground to disagree with such jurisprudence.
There is a decline in American jurisprudence because there is a decline in Biblical law and it's enforcement.
Most judges don't even read the Bible.  It would do our nation good if the Supreme Court justices
and other judges were required to memorize and learn the Ten Commandments and the penalties
for their violation.  Unfortunately, statism is humanism and man-made law without regard to God's
law word.
A godly or Christian state would advocate a return to Biblical law don't you think rather than humanistic
law that basically allows such sins to not only be practiced and tolerated but flourish and dominate a
This is where I disagree with Libertarianism.  When it comes to economics the Libertarian is basically
correct about not wanting the government to get involved and letting the free market decided.
However, when it comes to ethics and morality the Libertarian calls such sins as homosexuality
"victimless crimes".  This seems irrational to me.  There are no victimless crimes by definition.
If a crime has been committed then somebody is a victim.  Thus you would not punish a person for
having homosexual thoughts or having a preference for this lifestyle but only for acting on such
deviance.  I call it deviance because God uses a worse term.  He says it is an abomination for
man to lay with mankind as with womankind.  He sets the standard not man.  We must simply follow
His directives.
Every civilization, according to the historian Arnold Toynbee, that allowed and condoned
homosexuality was marked for destruction.  This was true of Roman. America is no different and we can
 see God's impending judgment upon our nation now.  It is marked for ruin because there is no repentance
for many of the sins we commit including homosexuality, adultery, fornication, the practice of witchcraft,
Satanism and other false religions.  Murder is rampant because the murderer often get put in prison instead of getting executed.
Charles Manson is living a pretty good life at the tax payers expense while his victims bodies are rotting
in the grave.
These are just some of my thoughts.  Sorry for being so wordy but if you agree or disagree I'd appreciate
your feedback.
best regards,

Jason replied:

As I see it, many things changed in the NT.

We don't have to do animal sacrifices, because Jesus is it.

We don't have to deny the eating of unkosher foods, as the gospel went to the gentiles.

This is not "permissiveness", but a clarification.

Other "laws" are not laws, but spiritual awareness enhancements.

IE, hate is equated to murder.

Lust is equated to adultry.

There is no call to kill people who hate or lust.  These are "thought crimes".

There is no call to enforce the Old Testament laws on others.

There is a strong call to live up to New Testament clarifications in our own lives, which should convict the true Christian of their constant battle against personal sin.

IE, if we are deserving of death (as I continue to sometimes hate or lust) the death penalty is no more called to be enforced on others, as, to prevent being a hypocrite, I would have to kill myself first.  There is no call for that, either.

We repent, and try to do better in our own lives.  We try to let our light shine, as if on a hill, as an example, not to force others to behave a certain way.

Can you point a gun at a man, and tell him to not to lust at another man, or woman?  No.


The law is a teacher, instructions, guidelines, for US not others.  If others sin, it hurts them, not us.  If two men lie with one another, and they engage in abomination, how would that hurt me?

But as all of society follows paper money, we are all hurt.

Should we kill borrowers then?

Absolutely not.  Neither should we kill all who use paper money, preposterous.

There is a call to practice forgiveness, for ourselves and others.

God bless you for asking.


Dear Jason,
You hit the nail on the head "They want me to pay for their wars ----.., whether I want to or not, through taxation by force. All I can say is game, set and match. Keep on saying it how it is.


Hi Jason,
Don't Shove Your Religion Down My Throat!
Yeah, like that is really scary! Unlike the government's plan of brute force and micro-management at every turn. Where do these clueless whiners come from?
Keep up the good work.


Go Jason GO!!!! I am an 81 year old cheerleader--.(a metaphor, of course). I read everything I can to try to understand the world that sort of appeared out of nowhere, suddenly--.I long for the lost sanity of what I think of a "My Day". And then there is your voice which steps from the written screen--giving me hope. Just thought I'd tell you thank you--.Eve


Good day, I was sad to hear that people are ? I can not think of the right word. Maybe they are confused. I dearly search each day for your next post. It gives me so much spirit and strength. It brings me to the water of life. It is honest  common sense. I know this is a little goofy--------why not give us some live youtube  10 min pep talks. You are my Hero Jason. You have great common sense and are one of the few honest men I  enjoy reading. Comfort from the truth calms me. God Bless your soul. You clearly are a very old soul. Respectfully, JAF




Ignore the idiots who want you to change course you are doing good and right in GOD’S eyes

THAT’s what counts and will win!!

Keep it up


    Today as never before the name of Jesus is a lightening rod for everything. I have been ploughing through Jeremiah recently. The book holds a precise "court indictment" if you will of the sins of Gods people. They (the people) enjoyed their sinful ways - and Jeremiah reminding them to turn away or else met with hostility, the same kind you are encountering. The people of the world today are acting similarly to the people in Jeremiahs day and you my friend are another Jeremiah with a softer touch, and I like it. May God bless your work.
Regards, John


For what it is worth.
As an observer of the human condition in many of it's best and worst lights for 60 years now, I got to tell you that I believe you are one of the most honorable men I have ever met--at least on line. You, Butler, Sinclair, Chapman and even Maund.
I have never felt you pushed you beliefs on me and honestly don't believe you have. You are who you are and most of us reading your e-mails are different versions of you so we don't have any problem with scripture. You put it out there for everyone to see and are consistent about it.
I hope you don't let these people get under your skin.
Michael --.deep in the Mountains


Kudos for this blast!
A BIG point you made that few others mention is the government's war on alternative medicine. Obamacare will only accelerate that ominous trend.
Ironically, natural medicine is KEY to improving the health of the nation's citizens, and it is the ONLY way. Moreover, it is the LEAST EXPENSIVE approach.
Now, Obama administration hacks and their congressional allies are accusing concerned citizens of using THEIR "rent-a-mob" tactics.
This is how Hitler took power. The trend is scary.


Dear Mr Hommel
The non-believers / accusers  sucked you in!
Keep your email for six months from now and you feel you have to either explain or justify your spiritual position. 
Suggestion: Dont waste your time, words and energy. They choose to be ignorant and foolish.  Stay focused and stay with the 90% percent who understands and respects YOUR RIGHT to be who you wish to be!
Thank you Roberto, retired teacher 69 years young!


Hey Jason,
   Just continue to preach Christ risen, that is what the world needs to hear, for it is by hearing the Word of God which lead to the saving of the soul. Also, God never have us a religion, nor is He interested in the religions of this present evil world. God made a way to establish a Relationship with Him, and this by  a relationship with Jesus, God wants a relationship with everyone who will seek Him, and who has believed on Jesus, the crucified one.
   Religion is man made, man's attempt to reconcile himself to God in his own way, that is why there are so many religions in the world. However, God has made only one way, that is through His Son, who is the way the truth and the life.
 Bruce / servant to King Jesus


Bravo, --. excellent email.  It's about time I hear people stand up for right and justice and those who cry out.  Does not people see wisdom crying out in the streets in your emails?  I know and believe deeply it is those who reach with full effort to know and understand the way of Yahweh ("LORD" an overlay and not a translation) are the one's who survive. In some if not most we will be the ones of having Godly abundance which applies to many aspects of life and not just economics.

Myself, oh that I could buy silver at this time but I've been pulled into the Babylonian system and have mortgages and such (years ago based on wrong council) -- but I'm hoping to sell out and have some funds. It makes no sense to run up credit card bills to just buy silver and hasten the vary demise of my own sphere.  As anyone goes into more debt, the results from such forms judgment or affects to the causes (cause and effect).  It's a bit of a shame that I was not taught sound judgment when younger or sooner in my life.  However I must say I support successful thinking and doing by other people, even if I cannot employ their right type of knowledge now.  It's okay that I barely make it or not make it and know the winning fight of right use of economic principles, biblical based, is being done by others.  If my moral support isn't good enough, I still will be in support of rightness.

Thanks for your emails.  Know you are doing right when people scoff.  Remember too, it's not you they don't like or "hate" but the ways of God and his great true ways they don't like.



     If all religious people held your views, we could live in peace.
                                                                         Paul Rackemann.


Great Job Jason!  -- Great response to the dark side that obviously
wants snuff out any reference to religion, light, truth, etc.

I think those non-believers believe that if they can snuff out
religion, they can eliminate responsibility & accountability (in
particular for their actions and/or lack of action).

 (( I think you should include responses like this (any part) in
your follow up emails - to let those closed minded dark individuals
out there know that there is much support behind you, and the
"light side."  Like you explained, they can choose the dark, or
choose the light - nobody is forcing them in any way. ))

Like you, I feel quite strongly about this - and will not go along
with the irresponsible, (prevalent) socialist, facsist, big
government controlling everything agenda / programs, and their many
avenues of deceiving, manipulating & controlling the people &
markets, etc.



Dear Jason,
    I doubt seriously that you have the time to read all the e-mail you must get plus do all that you do. It sounds as though Satan has really put some people on the attack in your life so I hope you somehow find the time to read the few short words I have for you.
    You have been a blessing in our lives in numerous ways. We've bought silver from you and were blessed by the transaction and the fair and professional way it was carried out. We have been blessed in numerous ways by your silverstock report not only from the obvious financial standpoint but from the words of encouragement and enlightment you are willing to share. Obviously you have said something that has caused someone to be convicted of something they have know was wrong in their life but didn't know how to face it. I know from personal experience that it is both easy and natural to react with anger when the Holy Spirit starts convicting you of something you need to change in your life. The secret I have learned and I'm sure you're well aware of is to recognize that anger for what it is and then do something positive about the gift of conviction you have been blessed with. I realize I'm probably preaching to the choir on this but simply want you to know that you are touching people's lives in a meaningful and blessed way. Keep up the good works and words.


I think Your all fools!
christianity, islamic, buddist, hindu, muslem or what ever you claim is the right way, all these religions are MAN MADE.
the only way is philosophy of TAOISM, it is NATURE given and the laws of nature are all we need to be complete. the rest of the man made religions are for one party to control the masses, by instilling fear in your hearts. how many people were ordered murdered/smite by your so called lord in the bible, just to give the 12 tribes some land. whether its all metaforical or not its a very violet book your bible, and probably basterized by man for as long as man could write.
if you want to spout the story--..well go ahead if it makes you feel good.
I wanted to learn more about the bullion market, not get indoctrinated by your thoughts.
Best Regards;



As an atheist let me be the first to say I never feel your religion is shoved down my throat in your emails.  It amuses me however to think your economic beliefs are based totally on the bible (a book of many ambiguities and fairytale) when before it, there is ample evidence the same exact economic laws applied to the destruction of great empires such as Athens and Rome.  You and I couldn't agree more on the Fed, where our government is heading (and where it has been since really Andrew Jackson), the moronic notion that currency is true money, and the zombie like existence of millions of our countrymen believing that a community organizer is going to save an economy with 130 trillion dollars debt and future liabilities (or any current Republican other than Ron Paul would do the same). 

So go ahead, I don't mind you quoting the bible. Its the words of experience smart men that viewed history and learned from it and understood with simple minded people a certain type of manipulation and fear goes a long way to controlling the masses.  And please don't diminish your emails to us "hungry" readers by saying this nation is founded on Christianity.  The constitution has nothing to do with religion whatsoever.  Our founders realized the flawed Athenian democratic system and tried everything to insure individual freedoms something that Christianity or any religion for that matter would never dare do.

Take care and keep up the good work.



After sitting through 8 years of the worst president in the history of the united states I am finally proud to be an american again ----and if they spend tax dollars on a health care plan to replace the most inefficient health care system in the world that shows some compassion for its people like most of the major industrialized nations in the world and does not have corporate welfare for the insurance companies and big oil companies it is fine with me---you idiots have had your time in office and you blew it---I grew up on a small midwest farm and I thing the new policies are great----Jon


 Hi Jason! -  this is long - sorry!
 I'm not religious at all, but I don't mind your religious pontification one tiny bit. I don't see how any of it could possibly be interpreted as being "forced" on anyone. It seems to me some people are just looking for something to bitch about. I was under the impression that this was a free e-mail service, one you actually had to request. That's what it was when I requested it. I don't recall anyone saying I had to open it either, or that I had to read anything I didn't like. How ridiculous.
 That said, I see that a considerable time is spent on the issue of taxes, and yes this is Erik formerly from Tahoe, the one that has accosted you from time to time on this topic.
 I can see by the content that you've not taken a serious look at , click "newsletter", or "today's news".
 I've said it already, but it is imperative that you take a serious look at this. Actually look at the content before you start Googling things (save that for later) - the campaign to prevent this info. getting out is legendary. But I should add, that even after years of heavy government assault, they have never, for even a single second, been able to shut Pete Hendrickson, the web site, or the publication of CtC down, all the BS propaganda to the contrary notwithstanding. The proof of the realities of what is at Lost Horizons is a never ending stream.=2 0I personally continue to have 100% success, year after year of applying what I learned in "Cracking the Code", and the web site, which IMO is equally important, and an integral element.
 With all due respect, you are perpetuating the very misinformation that has led us to the place we find ourselves today, with respect to the "Income Tax", and the massive damage it has/ is doing to this country's people. It is NOT what everyone thinks. Yes the casualties are real, but only because the people who are mercilessly brutalized by the IRS and the courts do not understand what is happening to them, other than the obvious. Once you understand the details of this unbelievable scam, there is nothing the government can do - it's "game over".
 Here is a link to a short film that was recently produced in which yours truly makes an appearance toward the end. The quality of my particular clip leaves much to desire, but the point of the video is clear.
Check it out.
  Again, it is monumentally important that someone in your position gets on board this ride. There are groups operating from at least 38 states now, that have discovered LH and figured out what is really going on, and have taken decisive action to undo this absurd injustice that has been going on for several generations. This is not the typical "Tax Honesty" stuff that I know you are at le ast somewhat familiar, based on some of your comments to me, and in your e-mail dispatches. This is totally safe, and it is the law.
 It is worth pointing out the extreme irony that in today's age of the Constitution being ignored, and the rule of law trampled wholesale, by the various government agencies, that the one place one can still find the rule of law in tact, is the Income Tax arena. That is the reality.
 I guarantee if you simply take a moment out of your busy day, this will pay unending dividends, not only directly to your own bottom line, but to the countless people/ victims you could help.
 It is a mistake to think that something bad can, or will happen to you once you understand the game, and ultimately take action, and spread the word. That is what they want you to believe. That is the way they control all of society. I don't need to tell you that.
 I urge you to at least give this an honest, close look. If for no other reason than to spare yourself, and me, from having to constantly accost you like a stalker, something I said I would discontinue, but my conscience prevents me.
Please Jason, this is so central to what you are trying to do for people with your writings. It's a matter of integrity.
 Don't get me wrong when I say, that if you believe God works through people such as yourself to help others, which irrespective of my personal beliefs, stands to reason,=2 0then you must surely believe that God will protect you from harm, by virtue of the fact of how powerful, and helpful this can be to countless individuals. Even for my lack of specific religious beliefs, it should be said that I firmly believe that good ultimately triumphs evil, and who knows, maybe you're right, clearly there is some force which favors good, and morality.
 Your way of helping people is through your Biblical teachings, and education about money/ silver, gold, etc., and all the ramifications that/ those topic(s) embody(ies), and my way is through conveyance of this. Yes that's manipulative. But what can I say, it doesn't change the facts.
The benefits of understanding, once and for all, the mechanisms of the Income Tax, are so monumental it is impossible to accurately convey.
Nough said. Sorry for the long note. I'll at least give you a break for awhile. haha  Erik


Hi Jason;

Just wanted to add my two cents into the kitty.  I am very proud of your principled stance!!  Whether one believes or not the end result should be what is best for each individual and what is best for our nation.  Without a moral compass we are left with what you have been describing in your letters to us.  Our nation was built on the inalienable rights that are self evident.  The right to religious freedom, the right to assembly peacefully, the right to bare arms, the right to a speedy trial, the right to be free from unwarranted search and seizure--.The Bill of Rights.  What a wonderful document.  The Constitution was carefully crafted to prevent what is going on right now.  So I say we do not need to get into a religious argument.  For now lets keep God out of our discussion.  Let us simply demand that our representatives and so-called leaders honor and obey the original laws of our great nation.  If they just do that then the appreciation for God will come automatically.  Because ultimately these great documents were constructed using a moral compass.  These truths were self evident.  Is God not self evident?  Can the truth not be accepted by all?   Whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist, the self evident truth is well self evident.  We all cherish personal freedom.  We all cherish our privacy.  We all cherish the freedom that God has given us.  But we must be responsible  to ourselves and others.  We can not take what is not ours.  We can not force others to act.  We can not lie, cheat, steal, commit fraud, injure others, deceive.  The real issue is that individually and as a nation we have allowed ourselves to be corrupted by the desire to take more than we need.  It is as simple as that.  The desire to accumulate more than one needs is the root of all our problems.  That is why our nation has been corrupted from the top down.  Corporations want more than they need.  And who runs corporations?  We do.  It is ultimately an individual level of moral realization.  Whether you are religious or not, we all must come to the realization that we should not take more than we need.  If you follow just that one principle then automatically there is enough for everyone.  Is that a religious principle?  Maybe.  Did God in his infinite wisdom create this world with enough of everything for all His children?  I would say yes.  Does a man not provide for all his family members?  Does he produce a child and then starve it?  No, he provides all necessities for ALL his children.  Is not God our Father?  Look at the bounty of this earth planet.  There is no way that God did not provide for all His creation.  From sea to shining sea.

So if I may.  I say keep up the good work.  Speak to us of things forgotten.  Remind us of our obligations to ourselves and others.  Promote the Bill of Rights.  Honor and declare the Constitution to be the great document that it is.  Insist that our leaders follow the documents that made our nation great.  And remember above all "Take only what you need and leave something for someone else."  It is a perfect circle.  He who leaves something for others is left something by others.

In His Name;


Jason notes:  Martin, "demanding" that our leaders obey the Constitution is not working.  Demands are force.  Demands are not met.  The effective thing is to rob them of their power, by buying silver, where we get the most bang for the buck, and destroy their unlimited econonomic power of the dollar the through the most leverage.  The dollar's value, to buy silver, could be cut in half, merely by getting the world to buy about $1 billion more in silver per year, which is nothing in the scale of world finance.  And such a thing is entirely peaceful, requires no "demands", and would cause the most positive change, in my opinion.


     I just want to say THANK YOU for all the good work you are doing.  You set an example which shows what a better place this world could be if everyone was as honest and ethical as you certainly are.  I have to confess that I don't agree 100% with everything you say but I wholly agree with the main thrust of your work.  It inspires me to find a man who "Walks the walk" as well as "Talks the talk".
      I originally found you when you were giving away on the internet, yes, giving away, very comprehensive reviews of silver miners.  Thus began my education about what money truly is and that education continues to this to this day with your help.
      It has been a pleasure watching you grow in both your business life and your personal life.  And it has been an inspiration seeing you succeed.  Once again, thank you.  Oh, and, if it makes any difference, I am 80 years old so I feel qualified to point out a good man when I see him.  Don't let the yahoos get you down


Amen- Mar 8:38  Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.
I have just resigned from my last position with Chase credit card customer service, because that still, small voice convicted me to find a position in which I can bear more fruit for His kingdom.  I delight when I 'meet' a child who is unwilling to hide his salvation.

I recently started to anticipate how He would protect His beloved Jerusalem from the evils surrounding it.  From a worldly viewpoint Israel's security is at risk- but --


Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.


Excellent letter!
God bless you and thanks for all your good work.
Why don't you run for Congress? You could do some good.


 A few months ago you made a statement about not enforcing immigration laws that did not seem to be logical, as most of your writing had been. I though I was misinterpreting, but now I read two more of the following seemingly illogical statements :

 Government should stop enforcing unjust and arbitrary immigration laws.
 Government should stop enforcing unjust and arbitrary patent laws.

Revelation 22:11  ((He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous[e] still; he who is holy, let him be holy still ))   does not suggest that we should "let him be" who is wrongfully causing harm to others. A society has to protect itself from immigrants who would bring deadly diseases, crime, or be unable to be assimilated into society.

Patent laws are meant to protect the fruits of peoples time and efforts from being taken without compensation.

The root purpose of any government is to apply force to the people. In a totalitarian government that force is applied to the majority in order to maintain  an unjust elite status for a minority at the expense of the majority. In a benevolent democracy, Christian type rules are followed by the vast majority, and force is only applied to a small minority.

I hope this will help to prevent some Laissez-faire type government statements that seem to be to extreme.

Thank You

Jason says:

Thank you Ron.  For my views on immigration, I present:

Leviticus 19:33  And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him.

Leviticus 19:34  But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.

For my views on Patents, I present:

Two articles on: Patents, copyrights, and trademarks are evil.

Laws Supporting Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks are Evil


Jason, Great response to those who don't understand the nature of human--.that man created in the image of God is the only creature that transcends nature.   I appreciate the fact that you don't separate your spiritual existence from your material existence which most people think they do, but don't, as you so clearly point out.  It is impossible.  They simply pass all kinds-of law which are suppose to give us security when in fact they destroy our freedom.   Like you, I am sick and tired of it!    For example, I have lived all my life  (79 years) under an economic system that has shoved down my throat the notion that a little inflation is good for everyone.  Now the reaper,  or Natural Law,  is about to end out present economic order.  Come Lord Jesus.   Culture is all about rejecting or distorting the Universals, and every society does it differently.   We have no idea how sinful we are.   Thanks for your reports.  Gil


I am on your email list, and the email below was one of your best -- in my humble opinion.
I am sick and tired of our side being spineless and bowing to the "liberals" or
whatever "progressive" name they are using. I have arguments with people all the time,
very often, over their alleged "Christian" tolerance, and how they have misconstrued the message of Christ.
I always get their jaws to drop when I ask " Was Christ tolerant when he went to the Temple
and turned over the tables of the moneychangers?" Their standard reply, "But he is God".
I respond that may be true, but didn't Christ himself say that he was the way, and the truth
and the life. And, if that is the case, what have you learned from his trip to the Temple?
Or the other passages in the Bible. There is one loud message, Christ did not look kindly on any type of hypocrite.
He was constantly railing against them. So I advise them, that in my humble opinion,
their acceptance of conduct which is in direct conflict with their faith and beliefs is hypocrisy.
And hypocrisy (which is very often exemplified as "tolerance of immorality or evil") was not condoned by Christ.
Going along to get along, doesn't cut it - if you truly are a Christian.
I applaud you for standing your ground, and not caving to the godless in our society



You make many good points.  I appreciate your comments. As a Latter-day Saint, I agree with your thoughts.  If they do not like it, they can unsubscribe.

As far as those who are offended by the Biblical references; many that I find that are disturb by the words of God and of Jesus Christ are those who know they should live better, but do not.

What's wrong with a better standard for living? What's wrong with requiring people to be self-reliant rather than government being the sole provider? For those who would advocate Survival of the Fittest, why would they want Government handouts/bailouts or welfare?

You are doing fine! Romans 1:16, 17

Your brother in Christ,



Jason --. Amen and Amen -- Speak the Truth -- whether they like it or not --


Dont send this religious bull shit to this email address again
Feed stupid christian cultist to the lions


Thanks Jason,

Great commentary, perfectly stated…., you stated it for many… and

I recently bought some Silver from Mom and shes great too..

All the best, keep up the great work..

John a.


You are a great Man, Jason, and a Great American! I am grateful to learn and gain great wisdom and insight from you. You also confirm and offer proof of what I believe------and know!




Did someone actually complain?

With people like that I just remind myself that they are their own worst (best) punishment.



Nice Venting!!! Excellant


Hi, Jason
I've been reading your newsletter for a couple of years now and thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks for the helpful financial advice and for always sharing the Word of God. It is sad how many people are threatened by God, their Creator! It's downright puzzling sometimes. I just ewanted to send you an encouraging word, and to say Keep The Faith and keep up the good work!


     I support your stand  100%.  The people who try to criticize you about your religious stand are essentially mental midgets, and also 'mentally lazy' and unable to think through the entire meaning of your 'no force' application of your comments on the reasoning concerning the founding of our country on a Christian basis.
     I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about the taxation by 'force', and your criticizers know they are wrong and cannot defend their enforcement actions to  'TAKE OUR RESOURCES" by force to dole out to others.
     Keep up the good fight against the mental midgets.
Tom and Dan


Amen Jason, I couldn't have said that better----.god Bless you for saying it the way it should be----.Ken


Hey Jason,
Thanks for shoving your religion down my throat. I enjoyed this one a lot. It's the truth, brother. :)



Jason, why do you torture yourself? when you start reading a negative e-mail whydon`t you just hit the delete button. There are always going to be uninformed people,ignorant people,poor people. Jason you can`t save them all. Dude i can tell some of these people really frost you. Quit giving them that kind of power love ya patrick     Paul-Hommel 2012.


Here, here Jason. You are right. Those telling you off, obviously have no direction of their own. I personally am Jewish, and I support your bible quotes in your wrining. They have substance and historical value. A person who does not want to learn does not have much of future, and I believe they are going to repeat some of the bad things history has dealt us. Keep up the good work.
Funny thing--.Silver/gold (money), politics and religion are the things that make the world go 'round. It all depends the handle you have on them. You have a great handle on them.

Jason replied:

God bless you, and your Jewish Faith.  Clearly, without the Jewish faith, the Christian faith would be nothing, and would never have existed.

Kevin replied:

See. You know history and fact. God bless you too. I am glad I know you. Perhaps one day we can meet for real and shake hands as gentlemen do.


   Hi Jason. I really enjoy what you send to me over the internet. True, you can't please everyone but almost would think it gives people something to think about. You have a Very Good Witness for the Lord with what you write. If nothing else, you are planting seeds for many who may have never been to church. I will say though that there are many churches today that never preach on End Times or even sin. As I have driven down many streets with churches on them, I have Never seen, as of yet, the signes out in front of churches, saying, Jesus is about to come back, are you Ready? Or something to that affect. Very troubleing times we are in. Anyway, just wanted to say keep up the Good Work. I am sure the Lord is pleased with you. Looking forward to meeting you in Heaven. Lonnie






Sorry to hear that people are uptight about your mail outs which include truth of all kinds (including Biblcal).  I find them refreshing and are one of the reasons I read your mail outs.  Keep including Biblical truth in your emails please (or else I may need to unsubscribe). 



Jason notes:  It's sad to hear that Christians are resorting to extortion these days to promote the Gospel, but I'll let it slide.  It's probably a joke anyway, besides, I would continue to quote verses anyway.


Dear Jason, I am so thankful there is still someone who will
stand up to the nay sayers and boldly speak the Word. The
Word is truth and every man is a liar. Please continue your
good work advising us and continue to speak the Word.
Look up, there is more of us then there is of them.
                                     Thanks again,   Wes



Amen !!!! Keep telling THE TRUTH !!!! This is exactly what is happening--.. we can only pray some will listen and come to the knowledge of the Truth--. I will keep praying for you !!!

Your Brother,




You are truly brilliant. I see and feel your Light! Thanks for your newsletters . Your passion  is inspiring!!!

Best Wishes,



Our government is rapidly turning from soft to hard tyranny! Reigning in Washington to the confines of the constitution will feel like the shackles are removed from our necks!
"We the people" are becoming restless!!!
I fear the tea parties are just a start and will develope into something more extreme!

The "Judas Goat" of the oval office called upon his foot soldiers " Acorn" to neutralize and silence the opposition!
This has brought fourth isolated violence and arrests!

This has occurred many times in history! It has never turned out good!
Absolute power corrupts absolutely and will move heaven and earth to retain it!

God help Us!


Dear Jason,
Don't let those people bother you--don't even respond.  This is your company and your website.
If you choose to witness through it, it's your business.
I totally agree with what you said.  I am sick and tired of the government taking our money and our liberties.
I pray for the Lord's mercy on our nationand for a great rebirth of Christianity.
Thank God for His promises to us.  He will never leave us or forsake us.
May the Lord Bless you and Keep You,


Jason, your email today (Don't Shove Your Religion Down My Throat) was a masterpiece. Thank you for all you do, I always look forward to your newsletters :0)


Thats one thing about your newsletter -- it is free.  It is easy to unsubscribe if something offensive is found in it.

I do want to especially say, that I admire your spunk.  I doubt you hear much about how your newsletters inspirie.  But they do.  They inspire me to not let fear stop me.  I say keep going Jason.  I thought to myself, "I wonder if Jason will enter politics" with the WND article.  I personally hope you do.  We need real Christians in office.  In a big way we need this. What I like about you is your lack of fear.



Hey, gang:
This one's from a well-known and highly reputable silver vendor, Jason Hommel.  Some of his e-mail list recipients were complaining about his religious preaching  in his newsletters and here's his excellent response. While I disagree with a couple of his views expressed, the overall thrust is right on target.  Keep his email address, in case you need a hedge against the government's incredibly destructive Socialist/Marxist, Keynesian, wealth-destroying, inflation-producing, dollar-diminishing, business demolishing, morals-wrecking actions.  Sign up for his useful, free newsletter.


Hi Jason.
I want to say "Keep on movin' on" as Joel Olsteen says.   It is a shame that a Man of God can not express his opinion or even quote a few verses out of the Bible.   Those who condemn God will get what they deserve.   If they don't want to read it then don't.   Its something how Christians are being ridiculed.   I appreciate all you have to say and I think its great that you do reference the Bible and educate those who do not have a clue what is going on in this country.    For a President to tell his own people to "shut up and move out of the way".  I've have never witnessed anything like this.    I was watching a show on Hitler and how he controlled and brainwashed so many people and I feel that is what Obama is doing.   He is succeeding too.   If this was Germany in the late 30's early 40's, I would be murdered because I disagree.   I have a very small amount of silver eagles that I have been able to purchase.   Because of my situation I won't be able to purchase any more, but I do feel that we need to have silver as a strong base.   I do wish I was able to purchase more, but with the times I won't.  I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your emails and please keep your voice loud and strong.


Thanx Jason,
Don't back down from the naysayers.They were very critical of Nehemiah when he set out to rebuild the walls that had been in disrepair,and Jesus was crucified for speaking the truth to the corrupt lawyers,religionists[not to mention John the Baptist and all the disciples that were martyred]so what if we encounter criticism and rejection now and then." In this world you SHALL have troubles and trials,so rejoice." They that live Godly SHALL suffer..'No cross,no cown!
Bless you!


The thing to keep in mind is that God reveals his plan and opens the heart to those who ask and to those he has chosen to reveal it.
It is a disciole's job to show mankind, but it is not our job to do God's work in their lives. So, those who say '' don't shove '' (this or that), remember that all you can do is present it. Those who get offended, they have much bigger problems than you can fix on your own.
My advise: Stand firm and keep on doing what you are doing.
-- Warren


Jason notes, after 300 emails, I was a bit disappointed to see so few comments on the fact that taxes in the USA are collected by force, by extortion, and that this means that the government is literally in a fight against its own people, and that, by definition, Biblically, this means that this kingdom is "divided against itself" and cannot and will not stand, based on the words of Jesus in Matthew 12:25, and based on the prophet Habakkuk in chapter 2. 



    Jason Hommel

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