A Few Fun Little Rants

(Gotta love the commentary from the 15 month old!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, November 10th, 2009

We melted down 200 Obama rounds that were not selling.  We lost the full coinage premium on this silver, losing over $2.00/oz. in manufacturing costs.  But if we can't sell them, and needed something to test the Pre-Melt Induction Heater, what else are we supposed to melt?  We still have 800 Obama rounds left over from last November, and have no plans to make more.

First Silver Melt at the JH MINT


Here's a Saturday Night Live "Obama Address" spoof, making fun of Obama being able to do "nada" in one year.  (Very Funny.)

While I can take a bit of comfort that Obama has not "unintentionally?" destroyed the nation as much as he would like, the unfortunate reality is that Obama has not "done nothing." Obama is like George Bush on steroids!  The only change is that we have even more of the same!  Bigger bail outs!  Bigger military intervention!  Bigger government!  Bigger government economic intervention!


Peter Grandich invited Jon Nadler of Kitco to a debate on BNN TV.  Nadler refused. 


Nadler replies, "I do not ‘debate’ bullion bulls."  That says it all.

He also ducked a debate challenge from me, and from Bill Murphy, and others.  He is basically admitting he is a bullion bear. 

Now why would a bullion seller like Kitco, who offers to hold metal from their customers in their "pool" accounts, hire a bear to write commentary?  I think it's because the company is short in their pool accounts.  Kitco was one of the worst offenders in customer delays in 2008, on both ends, both buying and selling, which clearly suggests they are floating on customer money.


So, a man walks into the JH MINT the other day, and asks me "Why don't you advertise on the Radio, and advertise a workshop or seminar about gold?"  Great idea, but people are not really asking for that yet.  I've discovered that it usually takes people about a year of reading my newsletter before they are ready to buy silver or gold.  There are many fallacies they must go through before they get through their "cognitive dissonance" as they have been taught by society that gold is unimportant.  This is why I like to use full page text ads, where I can do my "seminar" in print.  The man admitted it took him 12 years to convince his wife, and she had a Phd in mathematics!


I chastised a reader yesterday.  He replied to my email, "gold: useless trincket,overpriced for suckers! Watch it crash when Fed raises interest rates!"  I replied with the most unfriendly comments:

So, with rates at 1%, and gold paying about 25% per year, you are thinking that a 2-5% interest rate will pull money from the $100 billion gold market into the $30 trillion bond market?

You are a world class idiot.

Bond rates will have to go to about 15% to 20% to pull money out of gold.

And as rates rise to that rate, the value of current bonds will be crashing horribly.  During that crash, bond holders will be selling bonds, to preserve the value of their bond money.  After they sell bonds, they will need to own gold, in between now, and when interest rates top out at 25% or so.

By that time, gold might well be moving up at 50% per year, still providing no incentive to move into bonds.

Yes, you are truly an idiot.  Bonds are worse than "useless trinkets", since they are only paper printed by thieves, they are the most over valued investment class in the history of mankind, and only world class idiots own bonds these days, which includes just about everyone.

You know nothing about bonds, interest rates, and gold.

They have hammered gold prices DOWN in order to have artificially low interest rates.  Since gold was manipulated down, gold must go up.  A lot.

You truly cannot comprehend the figures I posted below, can you?

Did you ever pass 7th grade math?  Because that's all it is below. 

This man's comments were in reply to my email from yesterday:
Grass Valley Buys 12 Times more Gold than National Average

So, to his credit, he replied:

"Whew! I haven't been scolded that bad since I disagreed with my economics professor in college 40 years ago! We'll just have to see who's right!"

I must admit, he had a better attitude than I did, and I'm a bit embarrassed by my own tirade.  I could have used better language, but I was speaking from the passion deep down.  Nevertheless!


Here's a great video that shows how clueless the public is about gold:

Man tries to sell $1100 one ounce gold coin for $50; no takers!  Over 900 comments in 2 days!



In prophetic style, I must say:

America, wake up.  You are complacent, asleep, deceived into thinking that images on paper are capable of storing lasting wealth.  You still trust the promises of men who betray you with bail outs for themselves at your expense.


Some of my readers complain to me that my "Christian message" turns people off, or away, from precious metals.  Excuse me, I only reach 80,000 people world wide with my newsletter.  How do you explain the foolishness of the rest of the 308 million Americans who have never heard of me?  Clearly, my Biblical based messages, and discussions of the fundamentals, are not turning people off of metals ownership, when the JH MINT has people buying 12 times the national average.


I really don't understand why Americans don't get it.  Even a 15 month old baby gets it.

See below, a 16 second clip of our baby Jude, 15 months old, saying what noises all the animals make, (The cow goes moo, the goat goes baa, etc.)  Then, after mama asks him what daddy says, he launches into a monosyllabic diatribe of the future of the dollar and the Fed!  (OK., maybe that's not what Jude was referring to when asked "What does daddy say?" but if Americans can have their delusions, I can at least choose mine.)

monosyllabic [?m?n?s?'læb?k]
1. (Linguistics) (of a word) containing only one syllable
2. characterized by monosyllables; curt a monosyllabic answer

diatribe ['da???tra?b]
a bitter or violent criticism or attack; denunciation


Very funny last clip.  Enjoy!


I strongly advise you to get real gold and silver, at anywhere near today's prices, while you still can.