Save Money like there's no Tomorrow!

(I mean, buy silver like there's no Tomorrow!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, April 14th, 2009

Save money "like there's no tomorrow".

The amount of money that you can spend trying to prevent the inevitable can stretch towards infinity.
This is why all government programs don't work.  The government keeps trying to spend money to solve problems in society that are impossible to solve.  You can't fight poverty by giving people money that they didn't earn and don't deserve.  You can't restore the economy by keeping incompetent and bankrupt business managers in power.  And you can't stop inflation by printing money.

I saw a sign at the store that asked me to donate to the disabled, since 1 in 5 Americans is on disability.  I thought, "That's 1 in 5 Americans who are scamming the government and helping to fuel the fires of inflation, and doing more to help silver prices rise than I ever could."

Printing money to fight inflation is a losing battle.  That would be like trying to put out a fire by putting more wood on it.

People without any faith in God often think that the government has Godlike superhuman powers such as the ability to stop the tides, plug up a volcano, hold back the wind, see into a locked up safe, or to stop inflation.  The government is made up only of people who are far inferior to you and me, and like us, they can do none of those things.

People who get too caught up in conspiracy theories sometimes attribute evil subversive genius to their enemies in the government, and as a result, they get irrationally fearful.  But you should never attribute evil subversive genius to those in government, when plain old incompetence and idiocy are perfectly reasonable explanations for their behavior.

Why would the government ever bother to confiscate silver, when they are minting silver rounds for sale to the public?

Why would the government need to confiscate the 20 million ounces of silver (worth $260 million) per year that they are minting, or the 700,000 ounces of gold (worth $600 million), neither of which would make the slightest dent in the annual public finances that are headed over $3-4 trillion?

I don't mean to say that government is not planning anything against us.  Clearly, they are.  And clearly, that's the very definition of a conspiracy, and of course, it is vast.  But it's not a very good plan they have, because we can buy silver quite easily right now.

If there is an evil subversive plan to take away our silver and gold, that plan is clearly being thwarted by government incompetence.

If anything, their plan to bring about a world government must include the plan to destroy all  opposition by national governments, and to that end, they must impoverish all national governments through cleaning them out of their gold, and then destroying their paper currencies, while getting the people of the world hooked on debt.   Only then will they be able to restore silver and gold as money, and begin making loans in terms of silver and gold, and thereby attract the world's silver and gold all to themselves.

But that would be me again, breaking my own rule, and attributing evil subversive genius to our enemies, the world's largest and most powerful bankers.

This is, of course, a conspiracy of bankers, let's remember.  But what will they do after they get all the silver and gold, because if that happened, it would no longer be money anywhere, and would have much lower value, nobody would take it, and they would not be able to spend it on anything!  Have they even thought that far ahead?  Incompetent bankers they must be then, let's remember.

Prior silver investors should hate me. 

I've done my part to try to lower silver prices, as I continue to mint and sell as much silver as is in my capacity, which has continued to lower premiums for silver ever since last October, helping to reduce the silver shortages for investors, and reducing potential silver investor panic-buying.  I've even helped to lower the premiums on my own stash of silver rounds, hurting even myself.  By selling silver, I help to provide the "illusion" that "nothing is wrong", as you can "buy all the silver and gold you want" from coin dealers, while I know my own capacity is severely limited.

In theory, I'm doing more to hold the economy together than the government.  And if the government ever attacked me, like they tend to do to gold dealers during times of hyperinflation, that would only tend to make hyperinflation that much worse.

What do illegal drugs cost?  More than they otherwise would, right?

Same thing will happen to silver and gold if the government makes their trade illegal.

To continue to sell silver and gold, I would have to screen potential buyers by having some sort of "Bible Quiz" that they would have to pass first, that no government agent could ever pass, and premiums would skyrocket of course, due to the danger to myself if I were to break such laws.

But government is not rational; it is incompetent by nature.  As are we.

Potential silver investors should love me.  But it's the reverse.  People who are just beginning to think about investing in silver often send me hate mail, as I burst so many of their illusions about life.  After I answer a few of their questions, but still before they buy any silver, they begin to warm up.  It's only after they buy silver that they become fans.

Silver investors should love Obama.  I shouldn't say how they really feel, as I tried that once and got only hate mail.

Obama is doing more to raise silver prices than anyone I know.  His policies of continued bail outs, stimulus packages, and inflationary government spending on economic recovery plans will do more to help silver investors than I ever could.  Not only is Obama the "gun salesman of the year", he is also the "gold and silver bullion salesman of the year"!  But while gun sales have gone up, silver and gold sales have literally exploded.

Yet silver investors love me, and hate Obama--they stopped buying rounds with his likeness on them, and yet he should be our hero.  We are clearly a confused bunch.

Just so that we are clear, I have no fondness for anyone who plans to take away any of our God given freedoms, and yes, our freedoms come from God, not the Constitution.  And the constitution is supposed to restrict only the government, and not us.

Precious metals investors also have fond memories of Ronald Reagan, yet gold prices collapsed more under Reagan than under any president in the nation's history.  Why is that?  I'm not asking why precious metals prices collapsed under Reagan, I'm wondering why precious metals investors like the man who was responsible for gold going down so much. 

People should be buying silver like there's no tomorrow.  Buying silver is a form of savings, of course.

But something's just not right with that phrase, "save like there's no tomorrow".  I told you silver investors are a confused bunch.

What was I supposed to write about again?  Oh yes, buy silver. 

The amount of paper money that will be spent trying to "protect itself from inflation" will stretch towards infinity.  And when that happens, the prices for gold and silver will head there, too.
And when things go bad, let's remember who made them that way.  The government.  The government printed up all that paper money and caused all that inflation.  I didn't ever do anything to make silver and gold prices go up.  I just may have helped a few people buy a bit earlier than they otherwise would have, and surely turned away countless others from silver who told me I was absolutely crazy, and I suppose I helped provide some entertainment along the way.

Oh yes, and I'm providing free coffee and cookies at the Rocklin Coin Shop.  While supplies last.  I told you I was crazy.  But then again, I have this crazy notion that bums and freeloaders don't read investment newsletters--especially not to the end.


    Jason Hommel