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(While Supplies Last -- NO REALLY -- While Supplies LAST -- because they won't!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, April 13th, 2009

My largest customer this week at the Coin Shop told me that buying gold now is a "no brainer" given the incredible amount of new money creation going on today.  His main question was "Why don't more people see it?"  He bought a small mix of 96 one ounce gold coins.

His main question is my main question.  Why don't more people see it?  Right now, partly it's because the new money has not been spent yet by the banks, so prices have not yet moved up; instead, they are holding on to it.  Why?  So that you can take your money out, and so as to prevent their own bankruptcy.  This is a gift; an open exit at the perfect time. 

It's like there is a fire in a crowded movie theater, and people have been yelling "fire" for years, and still, the isles and exits are not yet crowded, as most people ignore the flames and the warnings, staying glued to the screen.

I've preached for years about how small the silver and gold markets are, which show how cheap gold and silver are, which show the importance of buying them, but this week, I learned something shocking, showing just how tiny the gold market truly is.

Mints Rush to Meet Gold Coin Demand
Wednesday, April 8, 2009 12:02 PM

This article mentions two shocking facts:

"Sales in the United States of the one-ounce gold American Eagle coin, minted from gold bullion, soared more than 400 percent in 2008 over previous sales to 710,000 ounces."

First fact:  Sales of Gold Eagles in 2008 were 710,000 ounces.

Second fact.  This was 5 times greater than gold Eagle sales in 2007!

Those facts are so shocking, I can hardly believe them.  I thought it was more than that.

Let's put those numbers into context, as you know that's what I do.

World Gold mines produce 2500 tonnes of gold per year, which is about 80 million ounces.  80/.71 = 112. 

In other words, Gold Eagle sales are a mere 1/112th of the overall world gold market.

What is that in dollar terms?  $880/oz. x 710,000 oz. = $625 million.

Thus, gold sales is a tiny "cottage industry."  But it's much smaller than that.

When you buy a gold coin for $990, you will give the coin shop owner $990.  But he does not "make" $990, he makes about 3%, because he has to go out and buy back that gold in bulk every day, or every other day.  And when buy orders are delayed in a rising market, as orders are "lumped together", sometimes the coin shop owner loses money if he can't buy back the gold fast enough. 

So, the gold coin industry really only makes about 3% of $625 million, which is $18.75 million on gold Eagle coin sales.

Yes, dealers also buy back old gold, so they make more than that, and yes, dealers sell other gold than Eagles, and also silver.

But in our shop, about 80% of sales are Gold Eagles.  I hear in other shops, it's similar.

Also, in 2009, in the week since I bought the shop, we sell 5 times more silver and gold to the public than they sell to us. 

So, if you wonder why more people are not yelling "fire" in this theater of inflation, and telling you to buy gold, that's why. 

With total gold bullion profits to the entire gold sales industry of about $20 million, spread out among 4000 coin shops (which is less than $5000 per coin shop!), it's a wonder that any coin shop owner is able to advertise to the public at all.

We all ought to be very thankful for the many newsletter writers who continue to advocate buying silver or gold, even though they may not have coin shops or dealerships themselves. 

Clearly, owning a coin shop was no way to make any significant money in the past, although that appears to be changing.

We are able to maintain low silver prices at $1.75 over spot for all generic bars and rounds at both the Coin Shop, and online at

We now have two new ways you can "buy it now".

First, we have two new cell phones that go directly to our secretaries and vault manager in our shipping department.

Minimum order: 100 oz. of silver, in increments of 100 oz. only.

We have over 30,000 oz. of silver rounds available, Obamas, 4 kinds of pirate rounds, 29 Indian/Buffalo, Regular Buffalo, Bull, CFTC, & Beer Rounds. Call to ask what is specifically available.  All available at $1.75 over spot, for immediate shipping after your wire payment is made.

It was surprising how long that took us to set up.  We didn't have enough phone lines to our shipping facility, could not get more land lines, and cell phones didn't work well enough either.  We had to get a cell phone booster. 

But first, we had to set up a procedure to figure out how to segregate the silver being listed in our auctions at to avoid selling anything twice, to avoid selling what we don't have.

We have another way you can "buy it now", my younger brother Randy Hommel, who is a programmer, developed a "buy it now" web site for  You can buy as little as 1 oz. of silver online.  -- ONLINE "BUY IT NOW" STORE NOW OPEN.

So, finally, you can "buy it now" from us, and yes, now is also a great time to buy it now.



    Jason Hommel