The Obama Deception

(Thank God that God's in Charge!)

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by Jason Hommel, March 20th, 2009

I finally watched "The Obama Deception" tonight after at least 20 people asked me to.  I don't like to waste a good 2 hours learning what I already know.  It was not that bad.

The best part of the film is that they mention that unpayable debts are like slavery, they hammer that theme again and again.

Let me summarize this film by Alex Jones.  Obama's a lying puppet.  He does not care at all for the people, but works for the money masters.  They want to bring about a New World Order, gain even more control than they have already, and enslave us all.

I suppose the new plans from those who want to impose their New World Order on us all, by the Private Federal Reserve who controls America, include hundreds more taxes, especially carbon taxes to "save us" from the hoax of Global Warming.  I agree Global Warming is a hoax, I've written on that in the past, (see point 10) and a conveniently fabricated false "reason" for a "Global Solution" like the New World Order Global Totalitarian Government.

I was particularly disappointed that among the action plans called for, as mentioned as ways to oppose the globalist bankers, there was not one call of action to buy gold or silver.

Doesn't Alex Jones know that if a mere $1 billion of paper money were to be converted into silver money, that the value of silver would probably double overnight, and that the value of the dollar, and thus, the power of the Federal Reserve would be cut in half overnight?

Isn't buying silver the easiest way to "Fight the Fed"?  I've understood this for 10 years now, why don't other people get it?

I see all those other people calling for Congress to "End the Fed", but what then?  Can congress wave a magic wand, to pay off the debt to the Fed and make the dollar as good a gold again?  No.  Congress would have to print up $10 trillion to end the public debt, but they just did that, to end the debt of private corporations like AIG who owed money to the people like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs who may partly own the Fed!

So even if congress had a clue, which they don't, Congress could back all dollars with all gold, but if they did that, they would only have enough gold to back about $60,000 dollars with every one oz. of gold that they had.  And if they offered gold at $60,000/oz., nobody would buy any, because you can get it much cheaper.  And that's only a theoretical limit, in case the gold price really took off, they could, in theory, cap it there, but only if they stopped printing money immediately now, and in the future, and if they really didn't just promise another $10 trillion in spending in the last year for all the bail outs. 

Including the recent bail out money, and it's more likely $100,000 per oz.  And if the gold price were to rise so high, not even a government promise of gold would likely to be believed, and surely, the government will be printing orders of magnitude more paper money between now and then, so the price will ultimately be orders of magnitude even higher than $100,000/oz.

I've been trying to enlighten Alex Jones to basic monetary facts for years, but he refuses to respond to any of my attempts to have me on his show.  I'm sure he's just too busy, like I'm often too busy to respond to everyone who contacts me.

Is the gold and silver market so small, that none of us in this business have been able to get the basic facts of supply and demand out to this mildly powerful man in alternative media, and that none of the people that I have educated over the years has been able to share anything of substance with this man?  I suppose so.

For years people have been telling me to get on Alex Jones.  For years, people have been telling me they have contacted Alex Jones about me on my behalf.  Makes me wonder if HE's working for THEM.

After all, part of what THEY do, is set up and fund the resistance!  After all, THEY control everything! 

Are we really so fractured?  Is truth really so hard to see?  Maybe so.

When I get upset about the sorry state of the world, I don't really worry so much, because I remember one thing.

If God wanted it any other way, he would simply enlighten more people.

In fact, since even so few Christians are enlightened, it makes is rather easier for us, in some ways.  It may have been hard for me to get here, but now that I'm here, things are getting easier for me, and it's much easier for others to follow my example.

From my experience, when it was me not listening to God, it's like this:  people often just don't want to understand, they would rather get angry instead.  Besides, learning often takes months to change people.  I had to research evolution about 6 months after college before I was granted with the enlightenment that I needed to realize that I didn't need to "find the right religion," but I simply had to "take the Bible seriously."  See, when I was mad, I thought I had to "find the right religion," as that's what THE RELIGIONS tell you that you have to do to "get right with God".  And me being mad prevented me from seeing their lie, but rather, I believed the lie, which prevented me from understanding anything about God. 

So, I still think most all religious groups are a waste of time, and not worth wasting time trying to talk to, because they have deaf ears.  After all, which one tells their flock to buy silver and gold to avoid supporting the Fed, to avoid societal slavery, because after all, God calls us to freedom, which is mentioned in the First of the Ten commandments!?

And God spoke all these words:
"I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.
"You shall have no other gods before me.

So, because other people are mad at God, they even complain to me about mentioning God, as if that's the reason why people don't buy silver!  Like I'm the guy keeping people away from silver because of that?  Once again, anger getting in the way of reason.  But most people who read me are sincere Christians, and I mention God repeatedly both to Honor Him, and reach out and connect with real truth seekers.

And often light shines into the darkness, and the darkness does not understand.

Let us be thankful for the beauty of silver, as it is a totally non violent solution.  Nobody needs to fight the Fed, or end the Fed, or revoke their power, or do any "demonstrations"; instead, people just need to avoid being deceived by the Fed.  Just buy silver.  The power in that is 100,000 times as powerful, politically speaking.  After all, if force is used to end the Fed, then the people will not understand, and they will just go into silver and gold debts again just as quickly, or trust in gold and silver paper promises like the ETFs and Futures Contracts and Silver Certificates (debts of others), and nothing will ever truly change for the better.

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They want to replace the dollar, but they don't know what to replace it with, except a "basket" of other currencies.  It's like they are in the darkness, groping for the light, seeking any way out of the cave, and they don't know where to turn, but at least they are looking!

That they are looking shows there are potential lights in the darkness! 

And the darkest place, seems to be showing some of the brightest promise, in a way:

Gold For Bread - Zimbabwe; the poorest people in the world are finally turning to grains of gold as a way out from the horror of hyperinflation that resulted from total government give a ways and too much government theft.

Will the masses of the people in America have to suffer such pain, before learning the lessons, waking up, and turning to silver and gold?

If not our nation, there are others who might wake up, or who are already awake.  India imports up to 800 tonnes of gold per year.

While there is not yet a "New World Order", there are potentially many sovereign nations that could begin to seriously introduce silver and or gold as circulating money.

This is why I wrote:
How any government can issue silver as currency

Here's my action plan, my "call to action".

Pray for any sovereign world power, or even a dictator, to be enlightened so that they will choose to introduce silver and gold as money.  If people are to be enlightened in the world, they will need your prayers, and God's help. 

1 Timothy 2:1-4 First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, 2 for kings and all who are in authority, in order that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. 3 This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, 4 who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

If God can convert and enlighten a Christian-killer on the road to Damascus to become the most prolific writer in the New Testament, with no preaching at all from any man, then God can enlighten anyone he wants to.  Ask God for this, and the world might begin to become a better place, that much faster.


    Jason Hommel