Barack Obama One Troy Ounce Silver Rounds

(Obama Silver )

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, January 18, 2009

We have new Barack Obama 1 Troy Oz. Silver Rounds. I've checked around, and as far as I know, we are the first who are able to offer 1 troy oz. Barack Obama 1 troy oz. .999 fine silver rounds.

Most other Barack Obama coins for sale are merely gold plated, colorized, old 90% silver half dollars worth about $2.50 per coin or less, that sell for $9.95, nearly 4 times over the spot price of silver.

We have these just in time for Inauguration Day, January 20th.

My readers are generally not supportive of Barack Obama. I do not support any policies of socialism, or forcible wealth re-distribution, or heavy taxation.

I know my readers are concerned about confiscation of silver. How would, or could, a government justify the confiscation of silver rounds containing the image of our next President?

But one thing I know is that those who don't know anything at all about silver, love Barack Obama. Therefore, think of these rounds as a marketing tool, not for Barack Obama, but for silver. Those who might support Barack Obama might not know the silver price, and they might be more willing to pay a significant premium for these silver pieces.

Please don't take too much advantage of the Barack Obama supporters as you resell these rounds for a quick profit.

There are two different designs. One is traditional, the other is modern. Mom has 2000 of the first design, and 10,000 of the second, modern design.



Jason Hommel