6500 Obama Rounds and 5000 oz. of Academy bars

(At Bullion Prices!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, February 3rd, 2009

6500 Obama Rounds & 5000 oz. of Academy bars

At auction tonight at www.seekbullion.com, at 7PM Pacific:

6500 Obama Rounds now at Bullion Prices: $2/oz. over spot.

5000 ounces of 100 oz. Academy Bars at $1.25/oz. over spot.

Payment method is ONLY by Wire Transfer, due next day, in US dollars, from a US bank.

The auctions are very well explained now, in each listing.  Our details and help guides, and customer service procedures are now quite solid, with 100% positive feedback from over 100 customer orders.

Our Obama Rounds initially sold for $25 each at http://silverobama.com/, and up to $50 per coin at ebay.com, yet these are now being offered for $2/oz. over spot.  GREAT for re-sale!

Some people are wondering why I decided to have any Obama rounds made.  Yes, we had these coins designed.  Initially, I was reluctant, I had to be talked into it.  Obama is a popular man, world wide.  I thought I would not be able to market these, because my readers generally were not supportive of Obama.  I know the sentiment of most of my readers because I have received hundreds of negative emails about Obama and very few, if any positive ones.  I may not be capable of successfully marketing these rounds.  But I wanted something that would be good for my readers to buy, something that they could easily re-sell.  I hope I have succeeded.

Politics can be a very emotional issue for many people.  The Obama round was not meant to support, nor detract, from of any policies or politics of Obama.  In actual fact, silver itself is the Achillee's Heel, the weak point, of any system of unbacked paper money.  Thus, the coins are designed to help Obama see the necessity of silver, as it would be ironic if he were to ban coins containing his own image.  Ironically, he may do just that.

Bloomberg reports "White House Lawyers Seek Limits on Commercial Use of President "

Therefore, the OBAMA rounds may end up being limited in production.  Get them while you can.



The medallion is made from 99.9% (or "triple nine") fine silver and weighs one troy ounce. Silver rounds in this format are regularly traded and recognized by coin dealers, bullion dealers and precious metals investors around the world.

  • Medallions are uncirculated condition, brand new
  • Front (or obverse): Image of Barack Obama and text '2009'
  • Back (or reverse): text 'BARACK OBAMA / ONE TROY OUNCE / 999 FINE SILVER'
  • This is the FIRST Obama "bullion" round available. Other Obama silver coins sell for outrageous prices, $50-100 each!
  • Other non-bullion Obama medals for $9.95 are brass, and not silver.
  • Colorized "Silver Eagle" coins for $50 are not struck with Obama's image, but only painted.
  • Oakland, California street artist "Eddie" was commissioned to create the 2009 Obama medallion design, after his unofficial posters and t-shirts promoting Obama's 2008 campaign reached national audiences. "Eddie" began wheatpasting his iconic Obama FORWARD image in public spaces around the San Francisco Bay Area nine months before the 2008 general election. As Eddie's street art began appearing on blogs and internet posts the image caught the attention of Yosi Sergant, the publicist behind shepard Fairey's Obama HOPE Poster. Eddie was invited to participate in the Manifest Hope show in Denver at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. He was interviewed by the L.A. Times and continued pushing the Obama Agenda until the very day of the election. Eddie explains his motivation behind the Obama street art: "This election was too important to sit on the sidelines and watch, I needed to participate. I could've gone to volunteer at the campaign and make calls, but that's probably not the best use of my skill set, I think I'm better at image making."

    Eddie's Obama 'FORWARD' image appears on the front page of the Los Angeles Times website, January 15, 2009.

    More about "Eddie" and his Obama street art:
    Eddie quoted in the L.A. Times
    Obama Art Report spotlight on Eddie
    Obama Art Report video abut Eddie
    SF Examiner covers Obama Art Report
    Animal New York shows Eddie's art

    many more Obama images at flickr.com



    I wanted to share this week's commentary by Miles Franklin, explaining why inflation is the biggest threat right now and in the very near future:



      Jason Hommel