What are the risks of Counterfeit rounds?

(And what are my risks to make them?)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, January 6, 2008

Silver's moving up again, about $11.48!  So now is the PERFECT time to buy, after silver has built a base, and is moving back up.  Now's not the best time for me to sell, since if silver starts moving fast, it gets harder for me to cover, and buy back at the same price.  But I'm running a business here, based on processes designed to limit that.

10,000 rounds of 1 troy oz. of silver are now up for auction at www.seekbullion.com

Limited Time Only:  8:00PM to 8:20PM Pacific, or starting at 11PM Eastern.  (Aiming for regular sales M-Th, & Sat, but we make no futures contracts!)

Limited Quantity, 5000/day only, in 10 lots of 500.

We ship SAME DAY as your Wire comes in!  Super Fast delivery, FREE!

Rounds are a Hot seller! 

One troy oz. rounds are the most popular form of silver, easy to count and value, at 1 troy ounce!

Easily recognized and traded by over 4000 coin dealers across the U.S.

My full costs now, per 1 oz. round, to make them available, are about: $1.70+/oz. over spot, plus price risk for 1-2 days which varies, plus I take all the default risk.  IE, if my suppliers default on me, you will still get your silver, since I ship out your silver within hours of your payment!  I can only offer this, because if I lose a single "day" worth of silver, due to default, I'll still be ok in the long run.  At this point, default risk is only growing.

At $11.40/oz., I need + $1.70 = $13.1 to break even. 

I need $6550 minimum for 500 rounds to continue to offer these at auction.

My bars, last night, sold between $1.50-$2.00 over spot, so, I'm at about break even if the rounds don't go for more.

And since I sell at auction with no minimum bid, fully trusting the free market process as long as I can, I also take the risk that my costs will not be covered!  I trust that they will, since other major producers, such as the U.S. Mint, still cannot meet market demand!

What about risks to you?  Is the silver real?

It cannot be counterfeit.  No fakes! 

Silver rounds are made by a process of melting down pure .999 or .9999 fine 1000 oz. bars.

The metal is then cast into strips, or extruded into strips, that are then rolled down to exact thickness within 1/1000th of an inch.  Then, the strips are stamped, so that coin blanks are literally punched out of the strip, like you'd punch a hole in paper with a hole puncher.  Therefore, if anyone tried to make any fake silver, they would have to layer the strip with some other metal in the middle, which you would then see on the edge, like the copper sandwich coins like today's U.S. dimes and quarters.

It's nice to sometimes hear a rounded perspective on why you should get silver.  So, I asked those around me today, why they think people should buy silver.

Tim, who works to make homes beautiful, says:  "Well, it sure is a beautiful thing."

Mitch, who works with heavy tools, says:  "Sure is nice to hold something solid."

Jesse, who is 18, says: "Buy silver because you might get more money."

Bree, who is getting married to Nate this summer, quipped:  "Buy now, or you will never hold this piece!"  (Sort of a funny twist on the phrase said at weddings, "Speak now or forever hold your peace.")

Nate, who is getting married to Bree this summer, says:  "It's a real investment that will last a long time."

Jim, who is always smiling, says:  "Put a shine to your investments."

Dot says:  "Because paper money is an illusion."

My wife, Shanna, who desires to protect our new 6 month old Jude, says: "Silver is a protection!  Just like we want to protect our little one, God gave us silver to help us protect our wealth."

I'll stick with, "Just buy it--and then market it.  And you will make a fortune."

I'm helping my readers make money (find money?) (buy real money?) faster than I can make it.  How so?  My full turn around time is longer, up to a month, since I have to first buy the 1000 oz. bars, and then ship them to a manufacturer, and then wait on the manufacturing time, and then pay and wait for shipping again.  You, on the other hand, have no such delays.  You will get your silver in 2-5 days after the wire, via UPS or US Post.

I don't think most people really appreciate the benefits of ultra-fast shipping.  Although some of my customers really do!

It not only helps you to be able to re-sell your silver quickly at a profit!

It's also a whole new form of guarantee that you will get your silver!

Fast shipping proves that I'm not playing games with your money, not using your purchase money as a free loan to float my business, and I'm not passing any default risk on to you, like a lot of other brokers, bullion dealers and mints in this business do. 


    Jason Hommel