1 Oz. Rounds at $0.65 over spot!

(Direct from the Mint!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, June 12th, 2009

This is the best offer I can find; you won't find silver rounds cheaper or faster from a more reliable source anywhere else. 

What does "spot" mean?  The "spot" price is usually about 5-10 cents higher (the ask, not the bid) than the typically quoted price for bulk silver, which has averaged just over $15/oz. in the last two weeks.

Terms and conditions:

Rounds are 1 troy oz. pure .999 fine silver, newly manufactured, to fill your order.

Offered by:
Jim Pavlakos of the Golden State Mint
reached at
or call him at 909-792-5756

Who is Jim Pavlakos and why am I recommending him?  Jim manufactures all our custom coin designs.  (Our Custom designs, in smaller quantities, with faster delivery, and an immediate price lock prior to payment, costs extra .)

Jim came through for me months ago, when all the other mints were backlogged and could not deliver on time.  Jim has always delivered on time, or faster than I expected.  One time, I ordered silver rounds from him, and he had them in the mail later that same day!  From a Mint!

Offer is good for 2 weeks only, from June 12 - June 26.

Offer may end at any time, at the discretion of Jim Pavlakos, in the event that orders exceed minting capacity, which is approximately 25,000 to 50,000 rounds per day.

Minimum order: 1000 rounds.

Orders must be PAID, via wire transfer, prior to locking in the spot price.

Production time: on average, about 2 weeks.

Delivery time: approximately 1 week after shipping via US Post Office.

FREE SHIPPING only within the Continental US and Hawaii.

Round type:  Only two choices:  Standard "Buffalo" or "Indian" rounds, as shown:

(Buffalo as seen above)


To order Call: Jim Pavlakos at 909-792-5756  (Calls are forwarded to his Cell Phone, which he will answer at nearly all hours except when sleeping or in meetings.)

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    Jason Hommel