CFTC Delays Position Limits

(CFTC Mulls Ending the Ponzi Scheme of the Dollar!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, December 21st, 2010

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CFTC Delays Position Limits

Hommel, and the Yahoo Contributor's user agreement both condemn futures contracts, and ponzi schemes.

Key Excerpts from my article:

"Futures contracts are, in my own well researched opinion, a form of market manipulation, debt, and slavery, and thus, are totally contrary to all free market principles. It is not "freedom", to be free to enslave another, whether through a chain on someone's neck, or through a contractual obligation that can be enforced by a margin clerk, or ultimately property evictions enforced by a local Sheriff."

"What's amazing is that according to the  Yahoo  Contributors User Agreement you also can't promote ponzi schemes. I guess  Yahoo  Contributors network will have to ban anyone who promotes the dollar, social security, the us government or banking. I certainly look forward to that day! Not that the  Yahoo  Editors have that much wisdom or discernment, of course. I'm certain that they did not intend to mean that, when they put a ban on ponzi schemes. But perhaps they should. "

Read the full article:

CFTC Delays Position Limits


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