Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver!

(An effective plan that just might work!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, November 28th, 2010

While a guest with Alex Jones, Max Keiser said that if everyone in the USA bought 1 oz. of silver, that it would cause a crash of JP Morgan.  That's absolutely true.  But interestingly, Max observed that Alex Jones has the capacity to drive national news coverage to certain issues through inspiring google searches on search terms such as "Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver".

I was inspired by Max, and so, I wrote my article:
"To the Top Shareholders of JP Morgan"  November 13th, 2010

Max then quoted my figures from that article in his report, titled, "500 Dollar Silver Manifesto".

The search term "500 dollar silver" hit number 4 on google's "hot searches" on Nov. 18th!  The plan is already working!  The story is going viral!

Rob Kirby also wrote about the ability of Keiser and Jones to drive media coverage to issues:
"Driving the News Agenda: Jones and Keiser (On JP Morgan Silver Manipulation)"

Why this plan?  Because JP Morgan is the largest institutional bank, holding the largest derivatives positions, and holding the largest short position in silver, and because there are perhaps less than 300 million ounces of silver in the world available for purchase.

This plan is a good one. 

There is very little silver available, and especially little in the form of 1 oz. rounds or coins.  Buying enough silver will bankrupt JP Morgan, or, at least, cause them to lose power.

This plan is effective.  In fact, I sincerely believe this is the most effective plan for positive societal and world change of all kinds.  And this is partly why I've been advocating investing in silver for 8 years.

It will not only bankrupt JP Morgan, but it will bankrupt all banks and central banks all around the world.  It has the potential to unleash a near utopia of Godly prosperity around the world, as people throw off the shackles of paper money debts.  It can lead to a world wide Biblical Jubilee, a release from financial slavery.  But I think this will happen only if the people turn back to God, and recognize that this plan involves obedience to God and the Biblical principles for using money.

As silver returns to use as money, producers will keep what they earn.  Most government parasites and all their associates will either starve or learn to become producers themselves.

Bankers maintain control though illusion and deception.  They will lose all their power to manipulate society, and lose the capacity to steal the productive wealth of the world's producers, if only people refuse to be deceived by paper money and promises to deliver "more money", and instead, take delivery of real silver.

Why it can work:  There is very little silver in the real world, because it has been consumed since the world began using electric things since the end of World War II.  Silver is the Achilles' heel, the weakest link of the financial world. Silver is the most manipulated market in history.  Bankers manipulate it, through selling excessive futures contracts, and manipulating media, schools and textbooks, because they have to. 

Why it did not work in 1980.  In 1980, the Hunt brothers bought silver contracts on leverage.  They also borrowed money against the value of their real silver.  When silver values were manipulated lower, the Hunts were bankrupted, and they lost their silver hoard back to the manipulators.  Also, interest rates on paper money were high enough to trick people into going back into paper.  If people continue to try to buy paper silver, or buy silver with borrowed money, or let their silver be stored with the bankers and brokers, it will not work.  People must be responsible enough to take possession of their silver, and they must choose to avoid borrowing money.

Of course, it doesn't take buying silver to crash a bank.  A computer glitch left millions without money this weekend in Australia.
Millions cashless in bank glitch
Jacob Saulwick
November 27, 2010

More effective than urging all people to buy 1 oz. of silver, would be to urge only a few people to buy all the silver that they can afford. 

How many people?  Perhaps it will only take reaching 1% of people in the USA with this message, or even less!

As it is, about 100 million oz. of silver per year are being purchased for investment.  With silver prices at $26/oz., that's barely $2.6 billion invested into silver per year.  Even the purchase of silver by any one of several thousand billionaires could be enough to reach a major tipping point.  Silver demand by investors is increasing naturally anyway, as the effects of the bail outs are obvious.  Buying silver for protection is the less obvious choice, but more and more are seeing the need to buy silver.

We at the JH MINT (, have sold about 2400 oz. of real silver per day, on average over the last three months.  One problem is that there is no way possible that we could serve 2400 customers in one day!

There is no way possible that all the people in America could all buy 1 oz. of actual silver in a year right now.  The infrastructure simply does not yet exist.   But eventually, it will.

Reminder: is open for business, selling silver at auction.  And anyone can buy or sell silver through their platform, which charges a very low commission of only 1% over the final auction price, in contrast to the very high fees at ebay.

Also, there is not yet enough minting capacity to make enough 1 oz. rounds from the many 1000 oz. silver bars, the form that most silver is in these days.  But this is why we founded the JH MINT last year. 

So, buy 1 oz. rounds, or Silver Eagles, buy 10 oz. bars, buy 100 oz. bars, buy 90% bags of silver coins, buy any kind of silver you can get, as much as you can get.  It will work to change the system, and you will get rich doing so.

Years ago, I said that eventually, better promoters than me would come along, and get the silver story out to far more people than I could.  It looks like that is happening now.

I'm wondering how necessary it is that the people must turn to God first.  Then God will send the deliverer and the method of deliverance. 

I can see that this will work, but the sad truth is that only about 2% of 1% of the people are acting to buy silver now, as only $2 of every $10,000 in the banking system is being spent on silver per year ($2.6 billion out of $14-18 trillion.). By the time even 1% of the people rise to act to buy silver, the silver price could exceed $500/oz., just for starters, and our tiny silver shop could have 50 times as many customers.  By the time silver hits $500/oz., perhaps 2% of the public would be inspired to buy silver, causing further rises, and further participation by more of the public, and so on. 

This, of course, is why bankers have manipulated silver prices lower, to prevent people from buying silver, which, when they do, will be like the bank run of all bank runs!

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