Frightfully Foolish People

(They live, breathe, and walk among us!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, July 21, 2010

Frightful Stupidity:

Jo from Florida demonstrates how stupid she is on radio

She can't answer any basic questions.

She thinks the population of the USA is 600 million, which is not even close: 

(USA population is nearing 310 million):

She wants to put "limits on people's incomes," but she is on welfare.

She is on welfare, and has no idea where welfare money comes from -- or thinks it all comes from "illegal aliens".  Of course, I don't know where the government gets all its money either, since they don't get it all from taxpayers, as Michael Savage seems to indicate.  The more complete answer is, "they print it", but that's not even technically correct, since so much of new money today is all electronic bank book entry.


A Movie featuring Silver Rounds is in development.  The developers have visited and filmed the JH MINT to help them design the computer animated film.

They write:  Two of our staff went into Harvard Square (supposedly one of the most educated places in the country) and tried selling our silver rounds for $5, even 50 cents, (While silver prices are around $18/oz., of course).   No buyers, but lots of confusion and rejection.   They did it in a pretty humorous way; you can see it at:

I replied to the blog:

Stats in the silver market explain it all. World annual silver mining production is about 600 million oz., or about $10 billion; and only about 100 million oz., or about $1.8 billion is bought for investment. The world has about $50,000 billion in money in banks available to spend on silver, with the USA having about $18,000 billion.  Thus, $180 billion would be 1% spent on silver, so, it's actually only 1% of 1% being spent on silver each year by investors. This is NOT the sign of a bubble, but the bottom of a long bull market ahead of us.  Sincerely, Jason Hommel


Gold Coin Sellers Angered by New Tax Law
Amendment Slipped Into Health Care Legislation Would Track, Tax Coin and Bullion Transactions

Again, actually, the law does not mention silver or gold.  The new law would require a 1099 on ALL $600+ transactions of all businesses , and it goes into effect in 2012.

There is a movement already to repeal this law; as it would likely cripple many businesses.  Imaging having to give your Social Security number out whenever you spend more than $600, such as when buying a flat screen TV or computer laptop over the internet.  Do you really want that many more people knowing your Social Security Number AND credit card number AND mailing address? 

Not only would the new regulation increase paperwork for businesses, but identity theft would skyrocket, unless it is repealed before it goes into effect.

This is one more reason they will have to create the "mark of the beast" 666 form of economic system, to prevent people from being free.

We suggest you buy 1 oz. silver rounds, as they are the least likely to be affected by such law changes.  In fact, demand for silver could rise, as buyers could shun gold coins, which are "too valuable" per coin, and would be tracked by this kind of legislation.

It is illegal for anyone except a tax attorney to give out tax advice.  Please don't ask me what this means, call your tax attorney, or local H&R Block office, and please ask them.

We have over $1 million in gold and silver in inventory right now, that is for sale, and not subject to any reporting requirements if you simply wire us the money, wires are NOT reportable, not yet.   Currently, only paper cash transactions over $10,000 are reportable when it comes to purchases of bullion from bullion dealers.  We ship all over the USA, no added fees or commissions to the prices posted at WWW.JHMINT.COM

If you want to buy gold and silver anonymously, over $600 worth, the window of opportunity will close by 2012, unless this section of law is repealed.  Contact your congressman.


Readers write in support of the "Restore America Plan".

Looks very interesting.  They claim to have some "top military" behind them.  I'm a bit skeptical, because so far, there is little information about the size or the success of this organization.


Abortions in the USA.  How many in my generation or younger have died so far?  Up to 50 million!

In context, how many people died under communism?  It's close.  The USA is the "third highest" body count of communist nations, right behind China and Russia.

Chinese communism has killed 73,237,000 over 57 years.
Russian communism has killed 58,627,000 over 69 years.

America has killed 50,000,000 unborn babies over 37 years since 1973 (I was born in 1970), this is death at a faster rate.

That's 1.35 million abortions per year in the USA.

In contrast, the "leading cause of death" in the USA is heart disease, at about 350,000 per year:

Some people complain that immigrants are increasing in number faster than "white people".  That's because  we white people are killing our unborn .  This was the sin of those in the land of Canaan, which is why God was going to give the land to Israel. 


A freedom loving patriot writes:

If you are a patriot, passionate about freedom and personal choice, then google " raw milk police raids " and learn about raw milk. A fundamental freedom of choice is being infringed upon and restricted, not to mention an independent farmer's right to sell what a customer wants.

Why are the consequences for selling raw milk so much higher than those for selling cigarettes, which are proven to be harmful to your health?

Why?  I believe oppressive powers generally prefer an unhealthy population; as they are generally more docile.  But also, many of these people actually think they are protecting us from harming ourselves, as owners of cattle protect their herds.  In other words, the powers consider us as "their" property, not as free people. 


A reader argues:

Setterfield's speed of light claim has been refuted Jason.

You should at least examine some critical sources before posting this stuff.  Aren't Christians supposed to be against dishonesty? 

P.S. Since you apparently only seek out creationist sources to confirm your existing beliefs..  Here is a Christian sight that also agrees his method/findings were flawed -

I replied:

I didn't read your other links.  I don't think you read the creation link article very well.


He replied:

I don't think Jesus would approve Jason.   It's very dishonest to pass false info to others-- either intentionally or through willful ignorance.   I'm curious if you will post a retraction--

I did not reply further.  I did read more of the links after this comment.  He has no discernment.  These are not refutations, they are arguments of disbelief.  One clearly shows he simply does not understand the issues.  The last link is not a refutation, it is a support!


In support of my teaching on the rapture , at

Hey J,
Back from a nice break (25th wedding anniversary!) and checked the link you sent.  It is going to take a while for me to get through it though, since it is quite comprehensive!
But I would just like to mention one other thing in particular, presently.  Of course you know the verse from John where Jesus said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."  Well that is exactly how I feel since you taught me about the Feast of Trumpets!!   Wow, it is so liberating (and I have already started to share it with others who I suspect may receive it).  You know, I never had a good witness about "all these guys" saying, "It could be at any moment."  Yes, God really does reveal his truth/secret to those who seek him.  That is a tremendous confidence that no one can take away.
Thanks again,

See links here:
Refuting the Heretics (Web sites that attack the pretribulation rapture)

Summary of reasons why Christians expect to see the rapture happen on the
Feast of Trumpets / Rosh Hashanna

A Bible Study of the Marriage of the Bride of Christ (The Jewish Wedding)


Against my teaching on the rapture, at

Excerpts from our email exchange:

Why does God say "I am against those that teach my children to fly to save their souls.

Ezekiel 13:18-20 "the souls that ye hunt to make them fly" 3-14-01 4k


Show me anywhere in the bible that supports the rapture-you will find none!

Ok, here:


1 Pet 3:15  But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:


In sum, I just want to ask you one question.  How are you going to protect yourself from all those stupid people?  Pray?  Yes, but after that, then what actions will you take to show your faith in your own prayers?  Let me suggest the most important:  BUY SILVER!