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Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, February 18th, 2010

I sent a message to Jesse Ventura, former Governor of the State of Minnesota,

He's the Author of the book, "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me", and host of the new TV Show, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

I sent the following message to the TV show, here:

The biggest conspiracy of all is paper money. They keep its value alive by suppressing the prices of gold and silver by manipulating the precious metals market prices to be lower than they would be. This manipulation has been "in retreat" for the last ten years, as the bull market in metals has continued over that time. But there are limits on the amount gold is "allowed" to go up in one day, to keep excitement down. They divert investment demand away from physical by providing paper alternatives such as: over the counter derivatives, ETFs or exchange traded funds, futures contracts, options, silver and gold certificates, etc. This is an open conspiracy, it's acknowledged, but you have to know where to look. The BIS, the bank of international settlements, has a report showing that the over the counter "other precious metals", or silver, derivatives increased by $107 billion in 6 months, which is 20 times the size of world annual silver production. I'd love to tell you more, and point you to all the real experts in the precious metals community who would all love to go on the record about this, the biggest and most important of conspiracies, that will eventually bankrupt nearly everyone who does not own physical gold and silver.


We are more likely to get Jesse Ventura to cover the silver and gold markets, if many of you also send in similar messages.  Please follow the link

to send your own message to encourage them to cover this issue.  This is how bull markets grow.  Convincing people, one at a time, especially people who then have the capacity to convince more people.

It's been said that Governors make good Presidents because they can't run deficits, because they don't have access to a printing press to cover budget problems.  So Jesse must be far more aware of the money issue than most people. 

He probably does not have many people asking him to cover it though.  After all, if there are only 1 in 1000 even interested enough to actually buy silver and gold, that's not much of an audience to pander to.  Thus, your messages are extremely important, as it will help to convince the former governor that there might actually be an audience for this topic.

I've already discovered that there is a ready market out there, who would buy gold and silver, if they only knew where to go to get it.


Here is a very funny report, showing why gold is not in a bubble; because the gold market is entirely unlike the housing market.

from a comment posted to

A gold bubble? That would be terrific, thank you. Please let me know when
we have the following in place:

A $250K/$500K capital gains tax exemption on gold (as opposed to taxing
all capital gains in gold at the higher short-term tax rate, regardless of
how long it's been held).

A "President's Working Group on Gold Markets" to support the gold market
in the event of sudden sell-offs.

A tax deduction for interest on margin debt used to buy gold.

A "Federal National Gold Association" and "Government National Gold
Association" who use taxpayer money to purchase margin debt used to buy

Thousands of government boondoggles at the federal, state, county, and
city level to promote "The American Dream of Gold Ownership".

It should be possible to buy physical gold, or to go long on gold futures,
on 0% margin. There should be thousands more government programs to "help
people keep their gold" and prevent repossession of physical gold when
buyers default on their payments.

A "National Association of Goldsters" who collect a 6% commission on all
gold sales and whose sole purpose in life is to chant "They're not making
any more gold", "Gold never goes down", and "Buy gold now or be priced out
forever". This NAG should be one of the most powerful lobbies in America,
and their members should be quoted by the media as though they (1) are
disinterested parties and (2) know a f---ing thing about economics, or,
for that matter, anything else.

Individual retirement plans and pensions invested wholly in gold, so that
supporting the price of gold becomes a matter of national security. Any
hint of a gold price crash should lead to congressional hearings and SEC

Anyone who shorts gold futures should be decried as "un-American" and a
cowardly leech who profits off others' misfortunes and deserves to be
destroyed by short squeezes. Most importantly, anyone who complains that
gold is overpriced should be derided as a "bitter fiater" who missed the
rally and, furthermore, can't get l--d.


How funny.  Sad, but true. 

I can even add a few more:

Loans of up to 125% of the gold value, to buy gold.

Loans available to anyone with a job, mandated by a government sponsored entity, so that anyone could buy at least $100,000 worth of gold, and be given a loan of up to $125,000 to buy that gold.

People don't really recognize why housing is in a bubble, they don't understand the impact of so many price supports. 

Some people are saying that housing prices will "come back to earth".  No way.  Housing prices will go much lower, into the depths of hell!  Why?  Because markets move in cycles.  Overvalued things become undervalued.  A "fair value" means that housing should typically always sell below the cost to build it.  After all, an old house has all the same problems as an old car, you have to continue to fix things that break down and decay.  Therefore, undervalued housing sells for far, far below the cost of construction.  It might take a while to get there, but remember, sometimes, the cycle length is quite long.

You can also help by sending along key reports to your family and friends.  Many people on my newsletter tell me that they began reading it because of a recommendation from someone in their own family, or a close friend.

Here is my introduction to gold and silver markets; a brief discussion of the supply and demand fundamentals, and the inherant monetary properties of the metals themselves:

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