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Silver Stock Report

Allow me to introduce my mom, Joyce Espinosa. I helped her get started selling silver over a year ago now, in the fall of 2008. My younger brother, Randy Hommel, programmed her online website, www.momsilvershop.com. My older brother, Terbo Ted, who ran for congress in 2008, also helps out with graphics and listing products from time to time.

I asked my mother to highlight some of her extra services that we don't provide at www.jhmint.com.

Here are the benefits of www.momssilvershop.com
1. We take Paypal.
2. We accept credit and debit cards from domestic buyers. Paypal or wire transfers from International buyers.
3. We ship Internationally to any country serviced by FedEx and is legal to ship to.
4. We accept Money orders for orders under $1000.
5. We have no minimum purchase requirement.
6. We have an interactive website that you can do it yourself without having to call in.
7. If you do call in you get to talk to MOM!
8. Mom is prettier than Jason!!! LOL
9. We give you shipping options of USPS or FedEx.
10. We accept personal checks from customers who have ordered from us at least 5 times. We ship after check clears.
11. We will give suggestion of items to buy and ratios of products to own to new silver and gold investors.
12. We buy your silver and coins for spot price & occasionally higher. Limits do apply.
13. We stock unique items that Jason does not have, including Lydian mint items.
14. We stock jewelry mounts for coins.
15. We stock coin supplies such as ?airtites? to keep your silver looking great much longer.
16. We will take special requests for unique items. If we can find it for you at a reasonable price we will get it for you.
17. Mom has monthly coupon specials for free subscribers.
18. Mom has sales on 4-8 products per month.

Please don't confuse mom with us. Only www.momsilvershop.com provides those extra services. Her organization is entirely separate from our organization. We don't handle their customer service, and they don't handle our customer service. We send smaller customer orders her way, and she occasionally sends larger customer orders our way.

I can't take the risk of credit cards, or money orders, on larger orders. For our cheaper bullion prices, we can't effectively work with personal checks that take too long to process, nor money orders that can be fraudulently printed on home printers.

I'm trying to encourage mom to open up a physical shop in Sacramento, CA. If this would interest you as a potential buyer, you can contact mom with your support, here: mom@momssilvershop.com


Here's some funny, not real news:

U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion http://www.theonion.com/content/news/u_s_economy_grinds_to_halt_as?utm_source=onion_rss_daily

Here's some real news, and just as interesting:

South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2010/02/17/politics/politicalhotsheet/entry6217403.shtml


We tested a "suspect" 100 oz. bar at the jhmint today, because it did not ring right. We cut it in half. It was good!


If it does not ring, it does not mean it's not silver. We disproved the "ring test" test as a myth.

Another quick and easy test for a 100 oz. silver bar is to take an ice cube, and to press it into the bar. The bar will melt the ice surprisingly quickly, because the bar will distribute the latent heat in the bar to right under the ice. The spot the ice touches will not get frozen cold, but only mildly cool, thus, continuing to melt the ice cube.


As a major bullion dealer, our goal is low prices, and we balance that out with the best customer service that we can reasonably give, given the needs of our business.

We made some new "Don't Tread On Me" silver rounds. We have about 1000 of them, they are proof like, very shiny.

Today, we lowered prices by about 1/2 of 1% on all of our items. I have continued to look for a source of 1 oz. Silver American Eagles, but I cannot find a source, so those are priced about 15% higher than normal, as we must try to ration our current supply of about 2000 silver Eagles that we have left.

This is why I like to remind people, buy silver "at anywhere near today's prices, while you still can". Sincerely,

Jason Hommel