Be Still and Know I am God!

(The wisdom of doing nothing!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, April 22, 2010

Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God;
         I will be exalted among the nations,
         I will be exalted in the earth!
 11 The LORD of hosts is with us;
         The God of Jacob is our refuge.  Selah 

Believe it or not, sometimes I'm slow to listen.  God has been bringing this verse to my mind continually all April.


For over a month prior, I had some nagging lower back pain.  I was doing all my usual things to help heal the pain; back bridging, rest, aloe vera juice, acai juice, arnica pain reliever, tiger balm, yoga stretching, massage, etc.  It was not working. 

I finally went to the chiropractor, thank God for my wife who dragged me there, which helped so much.  The chiropractor also noted that I was probably in the beginning stages of adrenal exhaustion, and suggested a few things, since she suffered from an extreme form of it that caused her to gain 100 pounds in a year, yet she was fit her whole life.  She said to stop drinking Red Bull and coffee that have caffeine, to eat frequent meals of protein and vegetables, and to cut out the carbs and sugar and alcohol.  Also, to get more sleep.  I also was supposed to stop working out for about two weeks.  I did all of that, and more, even buying herbs for adrenal exhaustion.  It worked!  I feel less stressed, more relaxed and yet more energetic all day.  Amazing.  Back pain is all gone, too. 

Don't get trapped into thinking that you have to live with pain.  God gave us all a wonderful body that is always trying to heal, given the proper nutrition, herbs, rest, and perhaps even a chiropractic adjustment or two.  So, part of the solution here, was to rest more, sleep more, and essentially do nothing.  To "be still".

Of course, I could have just listened to the Lord in the first place, couldn't I?


About a year ago, I upgraded my truck with an air flowmaster designed to give it more horsepower.  But the engine light came on, due to the valve that wrongly sensed the air flow; it was registering lower air, yet the engine was being given more air.  The solution was supposed to be a screen that was designed to smooth out the air flow.  It didn't work, and I decided to ignore the engine light, for a while.  I finally took my car to the Ford Dealer, to have them check the engine light, and they recommended removal of the flowmaster that was increasing the air flow, which could cause the engine to run too hot.  I decided to simply tune my engine back to normal, down from "supercharged" as I also had it chipped for overperformance.  Eventually, I blew out my carburetor and other things, which cost quite a bit to fix, and yes, I had to remove the flowmaster as well. 

I should have paid more attention to that engine light.  Or, perhaps, I should have "done nothing" instead of installing that flowmaster in the first place. 

Sometimes, doing nothing is what we should have done.

I have another example, bear with me.

Mineral exploration companies and mining companies these days are often looked at like leverage plays that should increase in value faster than the underlying cheap gold and silver prices.  While that is certainly possible, it does not always work that way in practice, due to inept managements.  Why spend money to produce silver at 600 year price lows?  That's simply foolishness.  Why produce silver and reap as profit less than 10th of an oz. of silver mined, when waiting for higher silver prices can help the miner earn 90% of each oz. of silver mined as profit?  Sometimes, just acquiring the silver properties, and doing the absolute minimum to explore them to keep the mining leases, is the most prudent option, and very few companies are willing to engage in this strategy of "doing nothing", as it looks like laziness to investors who typically push for "action".

There are so few companies who are doing it right, that I hardly bother to pay attention to any of them anymore, and I was researching up to 80 per week in the past when I started this newsletter.

What is the point of these stories that highlight the importance of paying attention to the warning signs, and the wisdom of "doing nothing" at times?

Higher precious metals prices are like a flashing "check engine light".  This is why the precious metals are manipulated with so many paper product alternatives; they are designed to siphon demand away from the real metal, to suppress prices, so that the larger economy will not know that something is wrong with paper money; that there is simply too much of it being printed.

Higher precious metals prices are like "nagging back pain" to those people who print $100 bills on 3 cents worth of paper, or who create billions in bank computer ledgers for nothing.  It's going to cause further problems, unless the direct cause is dealt with; and they are not slowing down the money they are printing; they are ignoring the back pain, or trying to cover it up.

Sometimes, "doing nothing" with your money, such as letting it sit in silver or gold in your own vault, is the best thing to do.

It took me about a month of "de-stressing" myself to realize the applicability of those simple words of "be still" and how "doing nothing" applies to investing into silver and gold, which has only been my focus for the last ten years.  I don't want to admit that I'm slow witted, but I realize now that I realize it, that that's pretty slow.

There is a time to sow, and a time to reap, and a time to let the harvest sit in the grain elevators. 

The time to let capital sit still in silver or gold began around 2001, and continues to this day.