Why Earn 1-3% in Bonds?!

(When you can earn so much more with honest money that leads also to freedom?!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, March 10th, 2010

Why earn 1-3% in Bonds, When silver and gold have done this?

Gold is up 14.5% per year since 1999 (averaged) from $255/oz. to $1130/oz. over the last 11 years.
Gold is up 9.3% per year since 1971 (averaged)  from $35/oz. to $1130/oz. over the last 39 years.

Silver is up 22.7% per year since 2003  (averaged) from $4.15/oz. to $17.33/oz. over the last 7 years.
Silver is up 5.6% per year since 1964  (averaged) from $1.40/oz. to $17.33/oz. over the last 46 years.

Calculations for the average annual percentage gain was courtesy of http://www.smartmoney.com/compoundcalc/

Use the online calculator to check the math of the average annual compounded gains for yourself.

If you had invested $10,000 in a 10-year CD paying 3% in the year 2000, you would now have $13,493.

If you had bought $10,000 worth of gold in the year 1999 (gold, which pays no interest) you would now have $44,355 worth of gold.

The gold would have been about 39 gold troy ounces, and you would still have those same 39 gold coins or bars today, but they would be worth over 4 times as many paper dollars.

But if you had trusted paper promises to deliver gold or silver, such as US dollars in 1971 or 1964, you would not have had any gain at all.


I would like to highlight the work of Bix Weir at

He has done a fantastic job doing independent investigative reporting on the secret dealings in the gold world.  The highlights of his work include featuring a comic book by the Boston Fed, called "Road to Roota", which seems to be a metaphor or teaching guide for returning to using gold as money.

Recently, Bix published a Gold quiz.  Wonderful.  See here:

Bix also published a list of some 17 suggested guidelines for how the CFTC should regulate the gold market, in case the CFTC actually cares.  I'm more skeptical that the CFTC would or could do anything.

New CFTC Gold/Silver Regulatory Framework
March 9, 2010

Take, for example, suggestion number 13

13) Engage Outside Expert Consultants -- As far as I know the CFTC has NEVER hired an outside expert on the gold or silver markets even though there are many who are willing to assist them for FREE! Not only does this raise suspicion about their competence but it begs the question of WHY NOT? I'd like to suggest that the CFTC create a "Panel of Outside Expert Consultants" to assist them in understanding the gold and silver markets.

If they consulted me, perhaps I'd say, "Admit that you can do nothing, and terminate your entire agency to save money for taxpayers, and eliminate the fraud of suggesting that you are actually able to 'regulate' these markets that are not markets at all, but contracts of enslavement."  Or, perhaps I'd say, "Prosecute JP Morgan to the fullest extent of the law for the clear fraud that you know they are engaged in by selling excessive futures contracts for silver, put all the executives in jail for seven years, and terminate all their silver and gold short side contracts immediately with a cash settlement close out at current spot prices, and close down all new short selling in precious metals futures contracts for at least the next year, unless there is 100% of the metal on deposit to back up each new short contract."  That, of course, would drive the gamblers to a new jurisdiction, many of which are already set up in other parts of the world, and would change very little, except that the CFTC might reveal some of the fraud to some people who might be paying attention. 

My point is that people are willingly deceived by paper contracts that cannot be honored, and until and unless the people wake up to the fraud, and buy physical instead of all forms of "paper gold," including paper bonds, inflation adjusted bonds, soverign debt default swaps, exchange traded funds, "over the counter precious metals derivatives", "bullion accounts", pool accounts, and gold and silver certificate programs (and not just futures and options on futures which are only a little part of the market of fraudulent bullion trading) then the deceptive practice of selling of paper metal will continue. 

In the end, nobody will trust any paper contracts, and physical metal will have its day in the sun.


I must report reader responses to my comments on 9-11, based on my last article:

One man reports that Flight 93 exploded in mid air, as can be verified by other reports, and the size of the debris field.

Another man reports that there was no "stand down" order for the US Military.

Another very well trusted source says that the jet fuel was indeed enough to cause the buildings to burn and collapse, and he should know, he was both a military and civilian pilot.

I looked up "thermite" since that is accused to be a "source" of the collapse.  According to several articles on wikipedia, thermite can be a number of combinations of metals that can burn at high temperatures, including aluminum and even calcium.  Clearly, harmless sources of aluminum could have already been in the building, and also, so could calcium.

Another reports that the twin towers were designed to collapse, and that general government incompetence suggests that the entire event could not be a "government job".

Nevertheless, I still have questions about tower 7, which was not even mentioned in the official 911 commission report, nor any of the people who wrote to me.

BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell

Why was it reported to have collapsed before it collapsed, unless there were scripts for news agencies written in advance, and the wrong script was read at the wrong time, due to such "incompetence"?  And if the news was created in advance, then this was, indeed, an inside job that transcended nations.  If the news agencies knew, and were in on it, why were they not prosecuted? 

While I'm asking, why where the people who engaged in short selling the airline stocks never tracked down, and identified, and prosecuted?  If their brokers are hiding the identies of the traders, why are the brokers not prosecuted for "obstruction of justice"?  Were the brokers in on it?  It seems as if big brokers or banks are in control of everything these days, including our government.


I must report further on the USS Liberty attack, based on a reader's response.

A man reports that it was general governmental incompetence, on both sides, that led to a mistaken attack by Israel on the USS Liberty during the confusion of the 1967 war.

That's a rather interesting report, and I did not have time to read more than half of it.


According to free market principles, no man can ever know enough about everything to direct some sort of "top down" directives to people to make an economy work.  Similarly, I make mistakes from time to time. 

I have "read" that there was a 'stand down' order for US military jets to not intercept the terrorists flights on 9-11, and that when a commercial jet goes off course, military jets are always there within 20 minutes, and yet, on 9-11, some of the jets were off course for over an hour.  But, of course, I don't KNOW those things, it's just what I've read.  True or not true?  I remain suspicious and skeptical of our government, and I do KNOW that our government routinely lies to us about money and many other things, and continues to violate the Constitution in so many more ways each day, so why should I trust them about anything else?  If they want credibility, they should start by telling the truth, especially about the nation's money!  

And so, I still have questions about 9-11, and the attack on the USS Liberty.


A man who bought silver from us asked me for a price.  I responded in email:  We can buy a bag of 90% at about $11,778.48.  That's 5% under spot x 720 oz. 

He responded:  Thank you for your generous offer, but I took it to a local coin shop yesterday before hearing back from you and sold it at a loss at $10,950 (unfortunately).

I will always in the future try to buy and sell to you.  I can see that you are more than fair.


Again, I will re-iterate what I wrote in my last email:

Buying silver is not only directly good for your own prosperity, it is also one of the most effective ways to non-violently resist and dismantle deadly totalitarian empires, whether they are growing up in America, or around the world.  Ultimately, free market principles win.  Top-down totalitarianism (including price fixing and market manipulations) always fails, because it does not have a pricing mechanism to know if what they are doing is profitably sustainable, and thus, ultimately, they cannot pay for their errors.

Buying silver is 80 times as effective as buying gold, if not more effective.  Why?  Because it will take far less money to move the silver market up, which reveals the fraud of paper money all the same, and thus, thwarts the thieves of their ability to steal through issuing ever more paper money, which prevents them from paying the salaries of their thugs.