Best Article on Silver in Ten Years!

(Not written by me!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, March 7th, 2011

This is probably the best article on silver (not written by me) in the last ten years.

The Silver Bullet And The Silver Shield
By Silver Shield, on February 25th, 2011
The Ultimate FREE Silver Investors Guide.

This article covers so much, so well.  I have almost no arguments with the author, and that's really saying something.  I linked to this article once already, when I had scanned it, but after having read it, I can say you MUST READ THIS!

The best argument for silver is that when you buy real silver, you own real wealth, with allodial title.  Unlike your car, your home, or your bank account, or your brokerage.  All the other stuff can be encumbered easily.  Your car is registered annualy for a fee.  On your home, you pay property taxes.  On your bank account, you lose money due to inflation, and it's really the bank's money.  Your brokerage accounts, you pay a fee, and your stocks are also in the name of the DTCC. 

With silver and gold, in your hand, ONLY YOU own them, and you don't owe anyone else anything at all, they are not registered, you pay no ongoing taxes or fees.  Storage will cost you only slightly more than to keep yourself safe.  Buy a vault, and a gun, and take responsibility for your own wealth, it's really simple.

This one article is making waves, and already making enemies, and revealing bias among others in the precious metals community.

My Skirmish With 321Gold
By Silver Shield, on February 27th, 2011

The author tried to get it published at, and ran into a problem.  The article is too good, kind of like an article I wrote and submitted to about 4 years ago, when silver was just over $6/oz., see:

Im Insanely Bullish on Silver

I published Bob's nasty comments to me here:

Bob, of, is part of the problem.  He would rather not publish well researched facts, to "save his readers" from buying into what he thinks was a near term top that might see a 10% pullback.  He doesn't want his readers to buy into a top; to protect his readers, or to protect his reputation?  OK, I hope I helped to expose him for what he is.  Apparently, Bob was trying to protect his readers from the risk of buying silver at $6/oz., too!  HA HA!!

Well, I'm also part of the problem.  I'm selling silver, oh no!  I'm helping to keep a lid on prices!  (Not really).  I just raised my prices just a bit tonight because we are selling out of inventory just a bit too fast.  There will be absolutely no discounts for anyone after 10AM tomorrow, unless someone orders over $100,000, and is willing to wait for delivery from our wholesalers.  Today, we sold over $280,000 worth of precious metals, or more, and bought about $5000 worth from the public, the rest was repurchased from our suppliers; mints, refiners, and wholesalers.  Tomorrow will be another shockingly busy day.

Here's my worry:  The news is that JP Morgan has shorted 6000 contracts last week, when there were no other sellers, and is rumored to be paying out 80% premiums to holders of silver futures to take cash settlement offers, because they can't come up with the silver to deliver.   This is a delivery default, the one we were watching for.  JP Morgan sold 30 million oz. of silver, on paper, which is over twice the world mine supply for the week.

See a key source following and reporting on this ongoing silver default:

The people who are getting these 80% premium cash settlements need to buy physical silver, as it will quickly sell out, or run to $59/oz., the rumored level of their payout, or bribe. 

Furthermore, two of our best wholesale suppliers of silver eagles are SOLD OUT!  That means we must ration our remaining supply, or find other suppliers.  If there are any suppliers of Silver Eagles reading this who have them IN STOCK for immediate shipment and delivery at less than $3/oz. over spot, please contact me at

So far, I can survive this ongoing default and silver eagle shortage, since I can sell low on Eagles, and simply stock up on other forms of silver.

Here's another shocker!  JP Morgan Chase is our bank.  Sorry.  They just asked us, as if it's standard business practice for all of their clients in the bullion trade, to name all of our suppliers.  I said, "Why bother, you have our banking records, you know who our suppliers are, but I'm not going to tell you specifically."  If they insist, I'll simply list the LBMA refiners

Those are JP Morgan's suppliers, there appear to be about 100 refiners on their list, and they can't find enough silver to back even 5000 contracts, for 25 million oz. of silver!

Ted Butler reveals that JP Morgan, acting like a cornered rat, sold short 6000 contracts of silver, and increased their manipulation even more.

Silver Shocker
By: Theodore Butler
Posted 7 March, 2011

What to do?  More good advice:  Buy physical:

I Get It Now.
By Silver Shield, on March 3rd, 2011
A beginners to guide to investing in physical silver.

Only problem I have with that report is that the author says to avoid bullion dealers, or coin shops.  Well maybe most of them, but not all of them.  We, at JH MINT, don't push any numismatics on anyone.  We steer people away from numismatics, and into the cheapest bullion we can find.  Then, we buy back more of it, in bulk, fast. 

So, we recently read that Jim Puplava waited 3 months for a tonne of silver, and Sprott waited for 2 months for a few million ounces.  We never wait for more than 7 days for silver; we only buy it from people who have it available for immediate delivery.  And we only sell what we have.  And if we don't have it, we know we can get it fast. 

It's a shame that these other people never contacted us.  We would have loved to help them find out where to order silver.  Again, contact the suppliers on the LBMA list, it's no secret.  But be prepared for $300,000 minimum orders, or even a minimum order for 300,000 oz. of silver from a big producer like Penoles; that's about what they produce every day.

JP Morgan's problem is that the Penoles silver production, less than 9 million oz. over 30 days, is likely already spoken for, and is less than they need this month. 

It will be an interesting month. 


I strongly advise you to take possession of real gold and silver, at anywhere near today's prices, while you still can.   The fundamentals indicate rising prices for decades to come, and a major price spike can happen at any time.

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