Video: Gold or Gold Stocks?

(Emgold or Gold?)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, July 10th, 2012 9pm

Catch Lyndie Lou's latest video report on Emgold stock.    Or read the text below, which you can also read in the description of the video above at youtube.

Hi, I'm Lyndsie Lou, speaking on behalf of JH MINT.

JH MINT incorporated believes gold prices are still low, because certain gold stocks are still so cheap. This reflects the truth that the public is still generally not interested in gold, showing that gold has a lot of room to move up in price. Take, for example, Emgold.

Emgold is a stock with a market cap value of about 4 million dollars.

One of their assets, a lease on the historic Idaho-Maryland Mine in Grass Valley, California, in historic gold country, likely has gold in the ground worth anywhere from 2 billion to 10 billion dollars.

Emgold's last feasibility study said the gold was economic to mine with gold prices of only 420 dollars per ounce! With gold prices having increased to 1,600 dollars per ounce, this stock is a real gold mine, in more ways than one!

Emgold plans to mine up to 200 thousand to 300 thousand ounces of gold per year.

With expected profits of about 1,200 dollars per ounce, this equates to about 240 to 360 million dollars in profit per year!

The stock price will likely rise from about 10 cents to one dollar per share as they raise the 125 million dollars needed to start mining.

The stock price will then likely rise from about one dollar per share to ten dollars per share after they begin mining.

In other words, people who buy stock now have a real chance to make 100 times their initial investment!

The company will have to raise about 125 million dollars to get started mining. With such a low market cap today, this means that only about 10 per cent or less of the future ownership of Emgold is spoken for. The real majority owners, the other 90 percent, have not yet bought stock from the company to give Emgold the financing they need to start mining.

After full financing, and after mining begins, Emgold stock could produce earnings of over one dollar per share. That kind of a dividend could drive the stock price to ten dollars per share, or more.

Emgold is a public company, and shares trade daily, around less than 10 cents per share in today's market.

The ticker symbols are:
On the US Pink Sheets, the symbol is: E-G-M-C-F
On the Canadian venture exchange, the ticker symbol is: E-M-R

Google it: EMGOLD.

Is this stock undervalued? Research it. You tell me.

Here are the required S-E-C disclaimers:

Do I own stock, and has anyone paid me to write about Emgold?

Jason Hommel owns 540,000 shares of Emgold, and he was not paid by anyone to write about Emgold.

JH MINT, Inc. has paid me, Lyndsie Lou, for this presentation.

And where can you buy gold? At JH MINT dot com of course!


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