I Endorse Libertarians

(Ron Paul and Gary Johnson)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, July 15th, 2012

I have long supported Ron Paul, and I still do.  More importantly, I support his ideals.

One time, I asked Ron Paul a hard question while he was on a panel of free market advocates.
I asked, "If the philosophy of libertarian free markets is literally a recipe for the greater wealth of society, then you all must have a significant free market competitive advantage over so many other people who don't understand free market economics.  So then, please tell us how you have been able to put your understanding of free markets to work in your own lives and businesses so as to enable you to create wealth for yourselves." 

I asked this challenging question because it should have been true, but I knew it was not, because some of the panelists were free market advocates only, but who engaged in "non-profit" activities!

Ron Paul had a great answer, one of the best.  He said that he was a former physician and that he left a lucrative medical practice delivering babies in order to pursue the teaching of the necessity of free market principles, and that he decided he would have the greatest reach for these ideas by entering politics, and accepting a salary reduction!  And furthermore, as a principled libertarian, he declined Congressional pension benefits, even further reducing his own personal wealth, to stay even more true to his ideals. Clearly, he was successful.  And a hero, considering his self-sacrifice.

So, I thought about that for a bit.  And then, after the panel was dismissed, I asked him, "So, when are you going to run for President?"  He replied, "I don't think the liberty movement is big enough to support a Libertarian enough to win, don't you think?"  Being a bit naive, I think I said something like, "Well, a lot of liberty lovers have made some money in silver now, and so there are plenty of people who now have more money who might be able to give to your campaign.  I'd give the maximum allowed by law.  Then, I think I said something smart, like this:  "But that's not the point.  Clearly, if you became a politician to spread free market ideas, you will be much more able to do that if you run for the Presidency.  Thus, even if you lose, you win.  So, you can't lose, in that sense."

A month later, Ron Paul announced he was running for President, and of course I was happy to give the maximum donation, and announce my support for Ron Paul in my newsletter.


Today, some say there is still a chance that Ron Paul can win the Republican nomination if delegates vote their conscience.  I hope and pray that they do.  That's why they are selected; and it's why we don't have a direct democracy, for precisely these occasions like today.

At Freedom Fest this weekend in Las Vegas, Libertarian Carla Howell made the point that Romney would be far worse than Obama.  This surprised me, but it took me only moments of listening to realize it is true. 

Carla Howell's reason is that Romney is a big government politician.  Obamacare was based on Romneycare.  If the nation elects Romney, national health care, at least a replaced Romneycare, will be a reality for 50 years, and debate will be OVER, because it will be continually pointed out by the liberal media and controlled press that "both parties" and "everyone" wants it, even though that will not be true. 

I hope and pray that delegates will vote Ron Paul and nominate him as the Republican's choice for president.  But that might not happen.

The only other choice, the ONLY CHOICE, if Ron Paul does not become the Republican nominee, is Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, who was the former governor of New Mexico, who vetoed over 700 bills while in office, more than all the rest of the nation's governors combined.  When he ran for office, governor, for the first time, he spent $510,000 of his own money on his campaign, and received only $30,000 in donations at the last moment when it appeared as if he might win!  Amazing! 

The man is unbribable.  He's like an angel, but maybe better.  Bible says that a third of the angels fell.

I asked him if it was difficult to raise money, since nobody can bribe him with donations, since his principles are to libertarian truths, and not for sale.  Not even Libertarians can "get something" from a man who would have the government spend nothing!

He admitted it was difficult to raise money, and related the story above of spending his own money to gain office, with a mere $30,000 in donations!

How fortunate for the nation at this time that we have TWO excellent Libertarians entering the national debate and race for the office of the presidency!

How much more successful will Gary Johnson be with actual campaign contributions, this time around!  So, I'm proud to say that I just donated the maximum to his campaign, $2500.  Consider.  Ponder this next point:

Even if Gary Johnson does not win, he deserves your support, if you value freedom, if you value the future of your lives and children.

Even if Gary Johnson does not win, you have a chance to let your fellow Americans know that you refuse to vote for the lessor of two evils, and that you can support and encourage real freedom, and encourage other people to study and think about real libertarian ideals.

Voting is not a popularity contest.  It is not a chance for you to "show off" and to try to pick who other people think might be the winner. 

Voting is a chance for your own self-expression.  Trying to vote for who you think the winner might be is beyond foolishness.

Voting is your chance to raise your voice for real meaningful change.  The only way you can vote for real change is to vote for a man who will actually bring honest changes!

Even if "the libertarian" does not win, other politicians at all levels will take notice of how many people voted libertarian, and will be more likely to move their own views towards libertarian ideals of freedom.  But only to the extent that people vote libertarian!

And as it stands, Romney is likely the worse of two evils, since it appears he is willing to not only embrace every single big government idea, but even worse, propose his own!

The way I look at it, I can only hope that the nation is not headed into violent chaos of hyperinflation and big government oppression and violent revolution if the nation votes for Romney.  Or Obama.

As I see it, it's far more likely that the nation will discover a peaceful way towards freedom by supporting and voting for Gary Johnson.  As I see it, lives depend on this.  It is all the more important to vote for Gary Johnson if you live in a "blue" state like California who will likely vote for Obama anyway, because a vote for Romney would not only be harmful for the nation as described above, but a lost vote, as it would mean that you support the "status quo" of big government spending and continued erosion and oppression of our rights. 

Only a vote for Gary Johnson can register your peaceful discontent with the state and direction of our nation.  And if a vote counts, your early and immediate financial support means so much more.

But more important than political involvement, as a way to increase freedom in the US, is to buy silver!  Buying silver is an act of voting "no confidence" in the current government.  Buying silver reduces the oppressive power of the printing press of the Federal Reserve, which they use to bribe politicians, buy the media, bail out the banks, and buy votes. 

I spoke with Gary Johnson's running mate, Judge Jim Gray, a bit about a certain difficulty I have in understanding the consequences of electing freedom minded politicians.  I said, "Look at Ronald Reagan.  He was a gold advocate, and advocate for liberty, and he did good things for increasing freedom by reducing tax rates from 76% down to 33%.  Suppose that Gary Johnson manages to balance the budget and reduce government spending by 40%.  I asked, "Wouldn't this save the dollar, and preserve big government's control over us all the more?"  Yes, it might, but it's better than the alternative; potentially violent revolution through hyperinflation and big government crackdowns on freedom.  I agree.

We silver and gold bugs are a curious lot.  We are among the only ones who will actively work against the best interests of our own investments, for the good of the nation.  We buy gold and silver, but generally support politicians that might make our purchases of gold and silver unnecessary!

So, ironically, more important than voting, there is another non-political alternative, and something else you can do, in addition to donating and voting.  BUY SILVER!  Buying silver exponentially reduces the power of government's printing press, which they use to steal the productive capacity of the nation, and use to pay the manpower for their oppressive government programs.

If Libertarians Johnson/Gray advocate buying silver on the campaign trail, they have the potential to reach so many more people.  As it stands, the world wide physical silver investment market is only about $3 billion.  The Libertarians usually garner 1% of the vote.  But if they get 1% of the people to buy silver, well, 1% of money in the banks would be $180 billion.  Imagine what that would do to the silver market!  

Jim Gray got it.  He understood.  He wants to learn more.

People need to understand that it's not the government that needs to return to silver; the people must do it first.  Government will never lead, it will only follow.  It's up to the people to lead.

People get the government they deserve. 

Expect big things for silver and the Gary Johnson campaign in the coming months.  Donate early.  Help out early.  Volunteer.  Blog.  Facebook.  The more you do, the sooner, the better.

Gary Johnson has not paid for this endorsement, it was the other way around.

God bless.


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