QE3 and the coming Election

(No major change = Major Inflation)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, September 7th, 2012

Many of my customers are asking me if they think they will announce a QE III soon.  Of course they will.  It's not like the congress went off into some secret room and secretly did the right thing behind closed doors and balanced the budget while we weren't looking and then failed to announce it. 

Hello?  Is anyone paying attention?  To balance the budget, and stop printing money (no more QE's) Congress would have to stop spending about $1.5 trillion.  This means they would have to stop funding the military entirely, bringing our troops home from over 120 nations abroad, and close down all military bases, and dock all aircraft carriers, and shut down all nukes and close all the nuke programs, saving only about $800 billion/year.  And then, they'd have to completely end Obamacare, and in addition, stop funding medicare and medicade, and raise the Social Security retirement age to about 73.  I don't think any of that happened in some back room deal that they failed to announce.  Do you?  No?  You with me so far?  Then of course they will announce a QEIII soon.  Or maybe they won't "announce" the money printing, but they will print the money equivalent to a QEIII anyway without announcing it, because they already are doing that.

And it's not like the Federal Reserve has any political will either.  Do you think the Fed will tell the US Government, "Well, gee whiz, we've lent you enough money, and we have henceforth decided to stop lending you anything more until you balance the budget and we get paid back, ok?"  Sillyness.  No such thing will remotely happen.  Paid back in what?  There is less than $2 trillion in paper currency.  And the national debt is over $16 trillion.  Paid back with what?  In what?  Does the Fed need more electronic credits?  They have a monopoly to create those out of thin air, thus, they don't need any more.  They just want to keep their money making monopoly going and to not rock the boat.

If they do announce a QEIII, they must do so in a way as to lie, like they always lie.  So they will say, we were going to do a QEIII, but the economy is doing well, so we decided to delay it.  Or they will say, we were going to do a QEIII of $1.5 trillion, but the economy is doing so well, we decided we only needed a QEIII of $1 trillion, which is 33% less.  You know, as usual, they will put a positive spin on the fact that they are devaluing your money by printing more of it.

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Neither party has any remote chance of dramatically reducing spending, there is no political will in this entire nation to do such a thing.  Except from Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

Many investors are waiting until after the election.  For what?  Nothing major is going to change, except even more spending leading to exponentially more inflation and even faster rising silver and gold prices.  I've never seen so little difference between the two major candidates as in this election.

I suppose things might change if a lot of Tea Party Republican Congressmen get into office, but it's not likely that too many will be elected to effect a majority in both houses.  So, the spending as usual will continue for at least another 2 and a half, to four years, at least.

Silver prices have peaked about every two years.  The last peak of $50/oz. was about a year and a half ago.  Silver is due for a major price rise in the next six months to a year.  That's the trend, and it's already started.  Get on board.  Manipulation or not, lies or not, they are printing money like mad, and you need to get silver which is rare and is being used up by industry.

By the way, the way gold and silver prices rise during times like these is exponential.  That means that prices will rise at greater and greater percentage rise, every year, on average.  Get silver NOW!


I strongly advise you to take possession of real gold and silver, at anywhere near today's prices, while you still can.   The fundamentals indicate rising prices for decades to come, and a major price spike can happen at any time.

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