(Why do They Call it "Socialism"?)

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by Jason Hommel, June 10th, 2012

I have a 3 year old boy.  I love him tremendously.  He is very verbal, quite a thinker, very funny, sweet and thoughtful and considerate of others.  He'll be 4 in less than two months, and his mom and I know that we have to increase his social skills, so this past week, I enrolled him into preschool.  The goal is to aid his socialization, to help him to learn to get along with other children his age.  He will learn to not hit, not push, not bite others.  And he'll learn to play well and talk with other kids.  He'll learn how to be social with kids his own age.

We are not sending him to preschool to learn how to steal.  There's no specific instruction there on how to extort others.  He's not going there to learn how to bully others.  He's not going to learn how to oppress others.  Those are all anti-social behaviors.

Why then do we call a certain kind of political belief, "socialism"?  When it's nothing of the sort? 

Is theft social?  No?  Right.  It's not.  I think we can all agree on the definition here that theft is anti social behavior.  Socialism is institutionalized theft.  Why then don't they call it "anti-socialism"?  That would be the more literal and more accurate description.

Ah. I have an answer to my own question.  I think that the ones who name it, control the press, and gave it the improper name on purpose, to make it sound good.  Nobody would be for "anti-socialism", because that sounds bad.  And IS BAD!

(And to communicate effectively, I must play along, and use the same term, they way they do, in the normal sense, most of the time.)

Now, before you criticize my political beliefs, be careful to understand what I do believe.  The opposite of socialism is not "George Bush neo con Republicanism".  I've been writing for over ten years.  Not once will you ever find where I wrote a single nice thing about Bush.  The opposite of statist totalitarian socialism would be libertarianism, free market laissez faire (hands off) capitalism and freedom.

This brings up another topic.

The mainstream press tends to label those who advocate free trade as "individualists" or "isolationists".  I believe Ayn Rand's objectivism was called individualism.  They have called Ron Paul an isolationist.  It's a nonsense label.

How can an individual trade with others in isolation?  Those labels make no sense for people who believe in the value of trading with other people or nations.

In actual fact, the political advocacy of principles such as "leave us alone" and "don't steal from me" and "let me trade with others in peace" should be called socialism.  After all, it's good and social to believe that oppression and theft are wrong.  It's a very social skill to learn how to get along well with others, such as by trading with them.

There is only one political philosophy that actually cares about the good for all people, that could actually and legitimately be called "socialism".  It's Ron Paul Republicanism, libertarianism, it's free market laissez faire capitalism, and it's true freedom. 

People will either thrive under freedom (that's social), or wither under slavery and government oppression (that's anti-social).  The correct political opposites are really that simple. 

Now, I'm not saying this in order to change the dictionary definition of the words we use in discussions.  That would lead to confusion.  No, I write because I know that once truth gets into a person's brain, it is never lost again, and you can't shake it out, and it becomes useful forever.  I don't know yet exactly how this truth will be useful, but there it is for your wonder and enjoyment.

I also bring this up, because I'm surprised I never remember reading it anywhere else.  Why is that?  I find that fascinating.  I'm amazed by the entire process of insights.  I'm sitting here myself a bit flabbergasted, wondering why I never thought of this before now.  It seems so obvious.  Socialism is completely anti-social.  It makes perfect sense.  Freedom is the only system that benefits people and is actually social.  Of course!

I also think that it's worthy to point out a clear example that so clearly illustrates that we live in a society that is hell bent on brainwashing us through the misuse of words, on purpose, to confuse us. 

As a final example, the "dollar" used to be a measure of silver.  Then, a "dollar" became a promise to deliver that measure of silver on demand.  Then, a "dollar" meant nothing at all.  Today, silver is measured in troy ounces.  And a real silver dollar now costs about $24, showing again, how deceivers and bankers do their work by mis-defining and re-defining terms as they go along, as they have always done.

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