Top Ten Forms of Silver and Gold Sold

(For a year and a half at JH MINT)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, August 21, 2012

The following are the top ten forms of gold and silver sold through the JH MINT.

Here's what customers like about each.

Number 10.  Silver 90% Half Dollars.  Those are 2% of Sales

They are cheap and close to the spot price.  Some people think it might be more useful for bartering with in the future. 

Number 9.  Gold African Krugerrands - 1  ounce.  Those are 3% of Sales

Gold Krugerrands are durable, since they are 22 karat gold mixed with copper for hardness that helps the coins resist scratching.  They are cheap "international" coins.

Number 8.  Silver 90% Quarters.  Those are 3% of Sales

Number 7.  Gold Canadian Maple - 1 ounce.  Those are 4% of Sales

Gold Canadian Maples are pure 24 karat gold which is more yellow compared to 22 karat, which has an orange tint from the copper.  They are cheap "international" coins.

Number 6.  Gold Bars - 1 ounce.  Those are 7% of Sales

Gold bars are the cheapest form of gold that is still a full 1 troy oz. in weight.

Number 5.  Gold American Eagles - 1 ounce.  Those are 7% of Sales

Gold American Eagles are the most popular form of gold we sell.  People like them because they are beautiful, "made in the USA", and popular.  People want to own gold that will be recognizable when they go to sell it.  American Eagles are also 22 karat gold, mixed with copper, for added durability that helps the coins resist scratching. 

Number 4.  Silver Bars - 100 ounce.  Those are 8% of Sales

Silver bars, 100 oz. in size, are are easily stackable and take up less space in a vault than coins.  They are also easier to count, and cheap.  These are popular with wealthier investors who buy many of them at once.

Number 3.  Silver Bars - 10 ounce.  Those are 13% of Sales

Silver bars, 10 oz. in size, are considered "cute" and "more useful" and more easily traded and thus, more barterable.  People often buy up to $10,000 of these bars. 

Number 2.  Silver American Eagles - 1 ounce.  Those are 20% of Sales

Silver American Eagles are recognizable, beautiful, and "made in the USA". 

Number 1.  Silver Generic Rounds - 1 ounce.  Those are 24% of Sales

Generic Rounds are the most popular product we sell because they are thought to be the most useful form of silver and gold bullion available. 

They have usefulness first as a form of savings, since this is silver, which most buyers believe will outperform gold in terms of going up more in value in the future. 

They are also cheap, with a low cost over the spot price.  They are also fungible and most divisible, since they are in the smallest form of silver available in bulk at a cheap price. 

They are also easily countable, as they are made to the 1 troy ounce by weight, and thus, it's easy to calculate what you have.

Occasionally people shy away from rounds, as they think a dealer might not recognize them.  But of course we recognize our most popular product!  Generic 1 troy ounce silver rounds are also the most popular product that we buy from the general public.

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I strongly advise you to take possession of real gold and silver, at anywhere near today's prices, while you still can.   The fundamentals indicate rising prices for decades to come, and a major price spike can happen at any time.

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