Slow Business for Gold and Silver Dealers

(But JH MINT is OPEN for business!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, September 21, 2013

I am working in my shops due to slow business conditions.  I think I'll have to write more, too!

The JH MINT store in Grass Valley will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 4pm.

The JH MINT store in Auburn will be open Tuesday and Thursday same shorter hours.

Since I wrote my last article about how the wild price changes are likely designed to convince people to not buy silver and gold,  I heard a large bullion dealer in Colorado was closed for 12 days recently for the same reason--slow business conditions.

Wild Price Changes: Comments  September 16th, 2013 
Wild Price Changes  September 15th, 2013  

I really like how the wild price changes are a confirmation of my closing comments for the past few years, "a major price spike can happen at any time."

An article in resource investor confirms slow business for gold eagle sales, nationwide.

Gold and silver still reel up from ‘shock’
September 20, 2013

"Data from the US Mint shows there was a slowdown in coin demand in August. Just 11,500 ounces of American Eagle gold coins were sold last month, the lowest in six years. The number is significantly down from the 205,000 sold in April."

I sincerely didn't think that these days would come, at 13 years into a bull market for gold and silver.  I really thought that the amazing gains in the prices of silver and gold would pull more and more people into gold and silver more and more.  I did not foresee that wild price changes and lack of news coverage on wild government spending would combine to create such disinterest in the beginning of this precious metals bull market that is literally unstoppable.

Yes, the price manipulators can get their way, from time to time, for a few years even, but the only thing more wild than the price swings in silver and gold, is the wild spending and money printing (ok, electronic money creation) by government, that can do only one thing in the long run, and that is, lead to vast increases in the paper prices, and increases in real values, for gold and silver.


I strongly advise you to take possession of real gold and silver, at anywhere near today's prices, while you still can.   The fundamentals indicate rising prices for decades to come, and a major price spike can happen at any time.

JH MINT in Grass Valley
Open 11AM to 4PM Pacific Time, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Closed Tuesday, Thursday, weekends and bank holidays.  (Also Closed from Dec. 25th to Jan 1st)
13241 Grass Valley Ave
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 273-8175

Minimum telephone order $5000 for free shipping, USA shipping only.

JH MINT in Auburn
Open 11AM to 4PM Pacific Time, Tuesday, Thursday.
Closed Monday, Wednesday, Friday, weekends and bank holidays.  (Also Closed from Dec. 25th to Jan 1st)
1760 Highway 49 A140
Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 889-1086

You can also buy silver from my mom at
Mom will ship overseas, even large orders up to $300,000 or larger, and also in lots of more or less than 100 ounces.   
3510 Auburn Blvd #12
Sacramento, CA 95821


Jason Hommel