How do we reach the masses?

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by Jason Hommel, Feb 6, 2016

How do we reach the masses?

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I asked you, my readers, in my last newsletter, "How can I do this better or differently than I have done in the past? Help me. Help me reach the masses. What will it take? How do we do it? I want to start a movement. A revolution. A peaceful economic revolution. How does this happen? I don't know. God help me."

You, my readers, sent me at least 400 emails; some with answers to this question. I'm sorry I could not answer them all, my fingers gave out typing. Some of the responses were negative; that we will never reach the masses. It's like "pushing on a rope", or "you can lead a horse to water, but can't make them drink". One reader sent me a nice missive that explains that my mission is not to reach the masses, but rather, to encourage the remnant. That makes sense, and might be more realistic.

I estimate that only about 1% of people bought gold in 1980's run up to $800/oz., which would be more like $8000/oz. today. The equivalent for silver would be just over $500. We want to reach at least 1% of the masses, right? We really just need to reach about as many people who vote "Libertarian" in politics, that 1%, or about 3 million people, to vote with their wallets to buy silver and gold for those amazing prices to happen. Or, even better prices may happen if we move back to using silver and gold as money.

I'm preaching to the choir here. My email list, after purging for emails that were deactivated in the last two years, is now 57,000.

Several people said I should pray. I have.

The other suggestion that stood out was from a man who once suggested to HP to re-write a manual for a printer with about 90% less text, and more pictures. And this worked great for him and HP! Interesting idea. I find it difficult to think about how to implement that. I know some of my readers might be capable of helping, but how does an artist know what I'll write about in advance? Am I supposed to google search images after I write a letter? This suggestion seems beyond my creative capacity. Maybe I can do it with practice.

One lady suggested writing a children's book on investing. I like that idea, too.

Another man suggested I go on a speaking tour. Others suggested youtube videos.

I think we need to brainstorm this idea more. Maybe I will focus on this subject over the next few emails.

To help you help me, I feel I need to discuss the ideas and things I've done over the years that were most successful, and which were not. In this way, perhaps we can see together more of which way to best reach the masses going forward.

To start with, I assume that all in the generation before me, and all who are living, are failures at that which I propose to accomplish, because what I propose to help accomplish does not exist.

There are no nations on earth today using silver and gold coin as money. All who have tried to sell oil for gold have been invaded by the USA. Iraq. Libya.

I figure that all who do things similarly to what I do, such as "writing a financial newsletter" are also failures, so where do we even look for examples?

Pastors? They also seem to know very little about gold and silver, despite my many attempts to teach what the scriptures say in this area. Few or zero national pastors teach anything in this area. Many tell me of Dave Ramsey, and how he is anti gold. Sorry, I don't have the magic button to be able to change his mind.

There have been only a few proposals at the state level, but I don't think any were successful. I'll have to look this up. Wow. There were ten, as of 2011!

At Least 10 States Have Introduced Gold Coins-As-Currency Bills
JANUARY 5, 2011
Article link

Wow. 24 bills in 24 states now?

It seems that these bills are being introduced by people like myself; people of passion, who are not understood by the masses. And this brings me back to my point: we need the support of the masses.

Firms Vying to Help Texas Build Gold Depository
by Aman Batheja Oct. 30, 2015
Article link

Half of all people have a net worth of about zero. These people cannot ever "invest" into silver coins. They have no money to use to buy them. At first thought, they are NOT our target audience.

However, if silver is to "circulate", it means silver needs to be paid to the workers, who then use it to buy the things they need. So, for silver as a currency, demand has to start with the people who have nothing.

Ideally, the people who are broke, or who have jobs and are "just over broke", should be demanding to be paid in silver coin, instead of the "paper tickets" we all know and use.

The trouble right now is the inconvenience for people, since no businesses even take silver coin, and thus, there is no place for the masses to even spend silver. On the other hand, no businesses take silver, because the masses have no silver to spend.

So, it's like we have a chicken and the egg problem, which comes first? I don't know.

I believe historically, governments issue silver coins to their own employees first. Or to mercenaries, paid army men who will only fight the wars for silver or gold. Then the merchants spring up to service their needs.

But that still does not answer my own question, it just sort of dances around it. Or, is that what it will take? I don't know.

There is another historical example, the American Revolution. Before the revolution, the states were issuing their own paper money, creating prosperity. This prosperity was attacked. After the revolution, the new government started issuing silver and gold coin on a new bimetallic standard, with price fixing. Nobody advocates price fixing today. A simple way to solve the bimetal problem is what all bullion dealers do; adjust their prices to market supply and demand to try to balance their own inventory!

As another example of success, Andrew Jackson fought the central bank and won. He didn't renew their charter, and mandated that gold be used for real estate transactions, which created an artificial government mandated demand for gold, temporarily boosting gold's value, that vanished after the law was subverted later.

Some of the things that I have done that were moderately successful were to warn CFTC chairmen that they might be the fall guys for when the COMEX silver fraud blows up, and that if they can't stand the heat, they should get out of the kitchen. One nearly admitted the COMEX fraud, and then resigned.

My letter:
Silver Stock Report link

A year later, Michael Gorham, director at the CFTC responds to silver manipulation on May 14th, 2004, and then resigned three weeks later:
CFTC Silver Letter

I exposed his lies in his report, thusly in my report:
Silver Stock Report link

--They lie when they write, "Because there is unrestricted access to the market [?????], many knowledgeable and well-capitalized traders would readily buy any silver offered at artificially low prices. The buying by these traders ( buying that the alleged manipulators would have no way of preventing ) would quickly cause the price to rise to its appropriate level."
--The above statement, that "there is unrestricted access to the market" by those who could buy silver is a lie, because they also acknowledge there is a position limit of 1500 contracts in the spot month!!! p. 8
--In further direct contrast to their statement that there is unrestricted access to the market, they say that purchases by longs can be manipulative, such as the Hunts in silver and Sumitomo in copper. p.3
--They admit that the position limit of 1500 contracts exists for the spot month because, "That is when the requirements for making or taking futures delivery are most pressing, liquidity is diminished because the numbers of open contracts and volume are generally declining, and time is running out to decide how to settle an open position -- liquidate it outright, roll it forward with a spread trade, or be involved in actual delivery of the physical commodity."
--Finally, they admit that "good, clever writing can carry half-truths and total falsehoods as easily as it can carry accurate information." They damn themselves with this statement, since it is abundantly obvious that they are lying when they say that longs have unrestricted access to the market, and then turn around and hypocritically say they also describe long accumulations as manipulation, and say there are position limit restrictions!!!

Michael Gorham, resigns from the CFTC in June 7th, 2004, which was 3 weeks later:
CFTC Announces Resignation

Exposing the lies, and liars, works. What bothers me is that here we are, 12 years later, and people continue to ask me whether I think the markets are manipulated. Or worse yet, they accuse me of claiming the markets are manipulated to cover for when prices move down, as they fail to realize that the dollar itself, and lack of monetary demand for silver as a circulating currency is the primary force lowering silver's value.

Here's another example of success. After several years of JP Morgan being named as the big silver short, I finally reported them to the Justice Department in 2010. About a month later, they then admitted that JP Morgan was under investigation, so they actually opened a federal investigation against them!

Silver Stock Report link

After 2 years of heat on them, we got JP Morgan to half admit they were the ones heavily shorting silver, as they said they were "hedging client long positions"!

Silver Stock Report link

Excerpt: Note the phrase: "the underlying client position that we're hedging."

Excuse me, my instinct tells me that clients don't want their long silver positions hedged, or sold short. Why would a client with a long silver position want the bank to create an offsetting short position for the client? If you buy stock or shares in a company, do you want your brokerage firm to short the company you just bought to "protect" you from upside gains? This explanation makes no sense. A client with such a long and short position would also have to pay storage fees on the long silver position, and then lose all of any upside gains due to the short position. It makes no sense, in the way that Blythe is trying to get us to understand the words she is using.

As I understand things, JP Morgan (and many other banks, but mostly JP Morgan) has many clients who want to be long silver, in the OTC or "Over The Counter" market and LBMA market, up to perhaps $100 billion to $200 billion worth of "silver" in "accounts". But JP Morgan (and other western banks) never went out and bought this silver in the first place, because there does not exist $100 billion to $200 billion worth of silver to buy in a world that produces and mines only about $6 billion (at $10/oz.) to $21 billion (at $30/oz) worth of silver per year. This puts JP Morgan (and other banks) in a natural short position, as they owe their clients 10-20 times more silver than the world produces annually. JP Morgan thus has this massive natural silver short exposure. To protect the bank from the silver short position, JP Morgan must cap silver prices, by shorting silver on the COMEX, where prices are set. Otherwise, as silver prices rise, the bank loses more and more on the silver they are supposedly holding for their clients. Only in that sense, does JP Morgan have "offsetting positions"; in other words, shorts on COMEX to back up or shore up JP Morgan's other losing short positions (client long positions)!

In my next email, I will share more stories of what worked and didn't. For now, please leave your brainstorming thoughts below this article at the website here:


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