How do YOU reach the masses?

(When I said "we" maybe I meant "you"?!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, Feb 12, 2016

In my last two newsletters, I asked the question, "How can I do this better or differently than I have done in the past? Help me. Help me reach the masses. What will it take? How do we do it? I want to start a movement. A revolution. A peaceful economic revolution. How does this happen? I don't know. God help me."

I got over 500 responses, 100 of which I posted at the bottom of my last article, so that anyone can access the ideas.

Please, instead of emailing me, just post at the bottom of my articles to share anything silver or gold related. online at:

So, the general theme of many of the answers I got were good and specific suggestions on how I can expand my newsletter reach. I realize now this is a tragic mistake. I'm one man. I'm a bottleneck. I might die, or be killed, in the next week!

It looks like many wholistic doctors are being killed, merely because they pose a threat to big pharma.
Top Story of the Year: The Holistic Doctor Deaths- The Final List
By Erin Elizabeth - October 12, 2015

I may be a leader, and I may be an effective leader, but nobody should be looking for me to lead, that's exactly the wrong approach to OUR problem of reaching the masses about gold, silver, and free market ideas.

The entire problem with paper money, and the existence of the Federal Reserve, is the assumption that one man, or one committee, is smart enough to be able to set an interest rate, and/or a money expansion rate, that will be good for the ecnomomy. No one person can do that. Looking to one person to solve major world problems is a major flaw.

Many said I'm preaching to the choir, and I should just focus on that. Well, fine. I agree. I need to teach the choir HOW TO SING! In other words, I need to focus on helping YOU reach the masses.

So, I need to help you establish newsletters. I need you to focus on how you are going to teach ten to 100 other people to become thought leaders and teachers about silver and gold. How are YOU going to inspire other people to establish silver and or gold newsletters?! Think of that one!

If you can write me a letter to encourage me, then you can write a newsletter to encourage thousands of people. That's potentially 400 to 500 more newsletter writers!

Investors don't often think of promoting their own investments. That's silly. All other businesses advertise. The difference with investing is that your advertising should cost you very little, otherwise, it risks dipping into your capital.

One time, during the bull market in silver and silver stocks, I was giving away 100 oz. silver bars, worth about $750 or so, to whomever wrote the best essay on certain silver stocks. I'd get about 20 letters "entered" into my contest. I'd pick the best one, and edit it to make it a little better. I had so much assets in these stocks, from $100,000 to $1 million invested, and the stocks would move up like 10%, so I would "make" on paper from $10,000 to $100,000 on a simple newsletter.

Nobody blames a fruit stand owner for holding up a sign, saying "fruit". Advertise. It's the way of the free market. It's how markets work. Write a letter. Just don't spend too much on it. Do it for free. Do it for fun. Do it for yourself. Do it for the community. Do it for silver. Do it for God. Do it for the feedback and your own education. Do it for the stock tips you will get, and/or encouragement. All good things.

Compete with me. Do you have criticism? Great! Do it better than me!

Do you ever get thoughts in your head that sound like, "Why doesn't someone (like Jason), do X?" See, that's your idea. You should do X. I have no idea about X. I don't know X. I don't know how to do X. I never heard of X. Doing X seems silly to me. Or maybe I've already tried something like X. Maybe I'll never do X again. Maybe I'm not good at doing X. Maybe I have no experience with X. Maybe I don't understand X. See, this idea that YOU have? That's your brain telling you that you should do your idea.

It took me a long time to learn that lesson. Very often, I would wonder "why doesn't someone else do this thing thing or idea I have". Soon, I began following those ideas, and putting them into letters. And I opened up a bullion dealership, and a mint. Some of my ideas turned out horrible. After following your own ideas, it tends to make your future ideas even better ones. I still have vastly more ideas than I can or want to pursue. Maybe I'll share some of them sometime.

Hmm... maybe it's a really really bad idea, for me, to inspire other people to become newsletter writers. But I know it's better for the market, better for truth, better for the nation. So I'm taking the risk. Maybe it will work out great for me, if I inspire a few, and they link back to me? That would be cool.


Here are three of my reports in the past that were very successful:

The Money Chart, 2012
(Potential Demand for Silver and Gold)
by Jason Hommel, May 7th, 2012
link: the money chart

The first time I made a chart like that, it was picked up by Richard Russell, which was an honor I didn't quite realize at the time. I was like "who?". Oh! This was less than two months ago.
Richard Russell: The Passing of an Icon
Monday, November 23, 2015
link: Richard Russell passes at 91

That chart really gets people thinking and is often re-posted by others. I need to update it again... Thank you Richard. Rest in peace.

The reason why we often run up against resistence when trying to talk about gold or silver is that people have believed many lies and myths about gold over the years. I identified 47 of them back in 2002. This report was very well received.

Refuting Myths about Gold
by Jason Hommel, October 28, 2002
link: Refuting Myths about Gold

Personally, I think one of the best pieces of market research that I ever did, is posted in a series of 5 letters concluding here:

What Gold-Bashers Say
(A Summary of about 1000 gold bashers, presented by 112 gold bulls )
by Jason Hommel, December 10th, 2009
link: What Gold-Bashers Say

The top ten reasons why people say they were not buying gold! This is back in 2009, when gold was at $1200/oz., and soon to head to $1950 two years later by 2011, were: (the totals at the end is the number of people with that type of response, out of 112 people asking and reporting to me)

TOO HIGH NOW: Gold and Silver are just too high/expensive now at "all time highs", a "bubble", and perhaps they are bearish on the metals in the short term, waiting for a dip, or staying away, thinking it will crash. (23) Similar: Regret Wish I bought it cheaper, thinks it's too late now. (2) 25 total

HOW TO SELL?: They are concerned about when, where, how to sell it, (confused about exit strategy), what will it buy, especially if cash becomes worthless, then who could afford to buy gold and silver to keep the price up? (14) Similar: Gold and Silver are not liquid enough (2), You can't spend, or buy anything with them by using them as currency. (4) 21 total

CRAZY GOLD BUGS: Gold bugs are nuts, weird. (16) Similar: Those promoting gold and silver are not credible. (6) 19 total

CLUE LESS: They admit they don't understand metals. (9) No time to go buy it (4) or research it. (5) 18 total

SHUT UP: Please stop talking about it. (9) They don't have the attention span to listen. (3) Similar: They don't want to think about the bad stuff. (5) 17 total

PRICE CHANGES: Don't like the volatility or uncertain & risky price changes. (It's a gamble). 17 total

GOVERNMENT WILL FIX: They think stocks/housing/economy will come back. 9 The government will provide. (5) 14 total

SILENCE: Deer in the Headlights / No answer / ignore it. 13

I'M BROKE: No money to buy it (8), I need to save, can't afford the luxury of gold. (3), got to pay down debt first (1) 12 total

BAD BROKERS: Financial advisor talked them out of it. 9

Specifically addressing these concerns might be how we, I mean, you, can most help people.

I can summarize, and re-phrase these top ten reasons people give to not buy gold as:

TOO HIGH NOW: "I don't know what a good price is, because I'm too dumb."
HOW TO SELL: "I don't know how to sell gold, because I'm too dumb."
CRAZY GOLD BUGS: "I don't know how to process new ideas, because I'm too dumb."
CLUE LESS: "I'm too dumb."
SHUT UP: "I'm too dumb to continue to listen."
PRICE CHANGES: "I'm too dumb to understand price changes."
GOVERNMENT WILL FIX: "I trust the government, because I'm dumb."
SILENCE: "Uh... "
I'M BROKE: "I'm broke, and too dumb".
BAD BROKERS: I was talked out of it, because I'm too dumb".

Did you note any recurring themes? I certainly did. You can understand why I'm not convinced by the astute arguments of those who do not favor gold. Note, don't call people you are trying to convince "dumb". I'm assuming that by now, my readers are already "converted". HA! That's also another sales trick, "assuming the close"!

Also, I re-share this with you, to encourage you. Obviously, we are not dealing with intellectual giants here, our "opposition". They just need to be educated. They need answers to their questions. Here are a few quick and glib responses...

TOO HIGH NOW: This implies that paper money has inherent value, HAHA!
HOW TO SELL: Same way as buying, at a gold dealer.
CRAZY GOLD BUGS: Yes, we ARE passionate.
CLUE LESS: Then read, and listen.
SHUT UP: You don't have to talk, in order to listen, just relax, and use your ears.
PRICE CHANGES: Yes, the price of everything changes.
GOVERNMENT WILL FIX: Has the government ever fixed anything?
SILENCE: Thank you for listening. Shall I go on?
I'M BROKE: I'm sorry, do you have any friends or family members who need to know about gold?
BAD BROKERS: Yes, that's what I've been trying to tell you, the financial system hates it when you buy gold, because they can no longer make money by churning your account, or charging you account fees on the gold in your vault. They are paid to bash gold, and manipulate the price down, which is why it's cheap, and will go up, because lies and frauds fail.

In other words, there is no reason for us to be intimidated when others give us responses that are just versions of "I'm too dumb" when we are talking to them about gold and silver. These responses should motivate us to to keep talking about silver and gold, or just talk to someone else.

In my next newsletter, I intend to discuss current market changes, and the answer to the burning supply/demand historical question, "How much gold has the world produced in all of human history?"

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