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These essays will be compiled into a book.  

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Introduction to the topic of gold and money

Major Frauds of the U.S. Monetary System  Feb 26, 2004
Most widely appreciated, and re-quoted, re-published essay. A good lead in to the whole issue.

Refuting Myths About Gold   Oct 28, 2002
Very comprehensive, very good.

Smaller Things Grow Faster   June 19, 2006
(the beginning traders greatest advantage)

Introduction to the futures markets

Impending Gold Futures Default   May 29, 2002

Controlling Gold with Paper   June 10, 2002

Denouncing the futures markets

The Moral Failures of the Paper Longs   Jan 22, 2003
Nobody speaks on this.

Section on the CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission)
Letter to Authorities of the Silver Markets
Jan 6, 2003

CFTC Response to the Silver Problem Jan 14, 2003

The CFTC report on the allegations of manipulation in the silver market
The 9 page CFTC report confirmes much of the research above, and almost outlines the bullish case for silver!
--My comments on the CFTC report are in Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations

Where gold is headed?

Why No Talk of $32,567/oz ? Jan 2, 2003
Nearly revolutionary in aspect.

People Talking About $32,567/oz   Jan 10, 2003

Future Gold and Silver Prices Dec 21, 2005

My investment philosophy:

Excerpt from report #4 Oct 10, 2003

I'm Insanely Bullish on Silver June 19, 2004
Learning about silver by speaking on silver!!!

Silver Summit Speech September 21, 2006
Learning about silver by speaking on silver!!!

Silver vs. Gold Aug 1, 2004

Silver Stock Report Commentary July 18, 2004

Overvalued Housing Bonds and Stocks July 2, 2004

Silver Stock Evaluations May 22, 2004

Economic advantages of using gold and silver as money.

The U.S. Trade Advantage with China
  Dec 17, 2003
Nobody says it like this!

Rising Gold Prices Will Help the Economy Dec 2, 2003

Miners to Use Silver as Cash Nov 27, 2003

Inflation & Deflation During Hyperinflation Nov 6, 2003
Totally unique perspective.

The first two silver stock reports

Silver Stock Report #1 Sep 22, 2003

Silver Stock Report #2 Sep 29, 2003

Advanced Trading Concepts

Should I Wait for a Correction to Buy Silver? Dec 13, 2005


Liquidity (Advanced Trading Concept) Oct 15, 2004

Private Placement in Silver Companies Nov 20, 2003

My economic views.
Against Patents/Monopoly grants

Two articles on: Patents, copyrights, and trademarks are evil. Commentary appeared here. Excerpts from:
Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks are Evil
Laws Supporting Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks are Evil
Book publishers may not appreciate this... and I don't know how to reconcile my beliefs on this topic with the book publishing world. I do appreciate what Mahesh Grossman said in his book, in that a book author doesn't really have to worry about his stuff getting stolen, since the point of a book is to position the author as the expert. He who steals the work is not really the expert.

What I believe the Bible has to say about money:

Introduction    18 Biblical Guidelines for Managing your Money Mar, 2004

Against Usury
These two on usury are quite religious in nature, but important to the overall issues.
Usury Enslaves Jan 19, 2004
Freedom from Usury Jan 23, 2004

Hard & Advanced Bible lesson (very unpopular)
The Use of Paper Money Violates All of the Ten Commandments July 2, 2006

Excerpt from report #48
Excerpt the section titled, in very large print:
Scriptures supporting gold and silver as money, and against paper money.

Bible Prophecy:

The Great Harlot of Rev 17-18 is Jerusalem, & what that means. Oct 4, 2002

Gold and Silver in Bible Prophecy  Dec 15, 2001

Individual solutions:

A Brief Guide to Buying Silver:
What kind of silver, and where to get it.

How to Buy Silver & Avoid Getting Scammed April 20, 2007

Solutions for individuals, employers, stations, nations & the world:
Silver Coin Proposal

How to Fix Gold Price Fixing April 9, 2007

True Reflections of Silver