Clifton Mining

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, November 19, 2006 (CFTN.PK)
46 million shares outstanding.
At $.59/share
Market Cap: $27 million

I now own just over 500,000 shares of Clifton Mining, just over 1% of the company, all bought on the open market, and let me tell you why.

First of all, the price was right.  Clifton just dipped in price again to a near record low of $.55, and so I bought just over 100,000 shares this Friday, bidding the stock up to $.59.

Second, Clifton announced on October 30th, that Clifton's partner, Dumont Nickel,  is making continued progress. "A feasibility study covering the Kiewit Gold Zone is in progress with the anticipation of advancing a portion of the deposit into early production."

Confirmed at at the Kiewit project page, it says:  "An internal resource estimation and scoping study commenced in May, 2006, to evaluate viability of advancing part of the Kiewit Gold Zone which is exposed at surface toward early production."

From Clifton's press release:  "Early production from the Kiewit Gold Zone could also provide Clifton with positive cash flow and earnings from mining operations."

Third, Clifton has already made money from the ASAP silver solution.


From the shareholder summary:  "Clifton received more money in its first cash disbursement from ABL than its entire investment."

Clifton announced on November 8th, that ABL, a private company, 23-24% owned by Clifton, the ABL silver solution ASAP product enhances the effectiveness of antibiotics.  

Furthermore, ASAP product sales are up about 50% more than the previous year, mostly on word-of-mouth, or "zero" advertising.  

(I also just ordered my 3rd case of ABL's ASAP silver solution, because I know the product works to kill all kinds of germs.)

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(See that the share price was at $2.50/share in January, 2004, (back before silver hit $8/oz.) and the stock has not been significantly diluted since.)


Clifton Mining trades under the symbol, CFTN, on the Pink Sheets. For a quote, see CFTN.PK at Yahoo! Finance.